When there is a message to be sent to the world Up There, the Triflora Birds are most often the ones to carry them.

IN general, the people Up There, just think to themselves;

Oh, there’s a bird !” or “I wonder what all those birds are doing.”

They don’t know that SOME of the birds were only as big as a fingernail before they came out of the Garden a few minutes before. The People Up There don’t know that the Birds have had their molecules whirled and swirled till they are as big as any other bird.

Just the other day, Nana was sitting in her Cottage and about 125 white birds were flying around the Paddock.

“Hmmm.” she thought. “ I wonder what they are doing. “

The next thing she knew – a very big pelican landed right in her front yard.

It looks like I had best be going down to Triflora”, said Nana to herself.

“125 white birds and 1 HUGE pelican. I think that’s a message for me.”

AND YOU DON’T NEED TO SHOUT !  said Nana to the Birds.


The very next morning, Nana went to visit Saffron and her Mother. Saffron had another sore foot and noone could understand why.

But Nana knew. And Rose and Poppy knew. Saffron was MUCH better at flying than she was at walking.

She DID like walking. She liked it a lot. She liked her shoes and she liked to talk to people in the street – but she LOVED flying.  She was very little and she wasn’t quite used to the World Up There.

Nana and Saffron sat on the back steps and threw bread onto the apple mint lawn to see what the birds were trying to tell them. Some little birds came along. Some of them even had yellow feathers that shone in the sunlight. But none of them were messenger birds from Triflora. They threw some more bread and one of Saffron’s throws went for a long, long way.

Aha!” said Nana,. “ Look ! There is the messenger bird”. And a big white bird came sailing down, caught the bread and flew over the house like an eagle. Round and round in circles it went and then it flew right down to Saffy’s magical entrance to the garden.

It really was time for another visit to TRIFLORA. The big white bird waited for them, because, as you know, it takes 3 people to whisper the word TRIFLORA – at the same time – with their eyes shut and holding hands ( or claws).

Whoosh. Down they went.

Now your foot and your leg will not hurt anymore, Saffron Lola”, said the big white bird. “There is plenty of magic down here and you can fly anytime you want to!”

(We know now that his name was Goss Hawk. Saffron’s Daddy told us that. Can you imagine how happy everyone will be when Saffron comes home and BOTH her legs are working PERFECTLY?)

I do not know why the Birds are so good at fixing people and I don’t actually care. What I know is that the Triflora birds are the BEST messengers and the BEST doctors and the BEST nurses I have ever known.



Another secret which I haven’t told you before is this :

There is more than one Entrance to the Secret Fairy Garden.

There is one at Saffron’s place.

There is one at Nana’s Place.

There is one in Armidale. Rose and Poppy are busy hiding it very carefully with bushes and thorns and wildflowers so that noone can get in there when they move.

And there will be an entrance to the Secret Garden, someplace in Towamba on the Farm. Perhaps Grandma knows where it is. She knows a lot of magic things.

Now, the very best thing about the different Entrances is this :

In the World Up There , it is sometimes a long way to the houses of the people we love – BUT – in Triflora, we can travel all around the world in no time at all.

Perhaps I had best tell you one more secret before I go to bed. Just in case you are on your own and need to know it.  I have told you that 3 people are needed to open an Entrance. Well, that’s true but sometimes there just are NOT 3 people there. Each Member of the Secret Garden is given a mobile phone of their very own. Even people who are perhaps too young to have an ordinary mobile phone. The phones can ONLY be seen and heard by other Members of the Triflora Secret Garden Society.

Just about everyone from the Garden is happy about the Phones. They are VERY modern, indeed. It means that one person can be at one entrance and call 2 other people and if al 3 of them close their eyes and whisper TRIFLORA and hold their mobiles up to their right ear, the Entrances will open.  We LOVE technology!

The second part of the Secret is this :

The mobile phone looks like an ordinary phone to the members of the Garden but it just looks like a Butterfly to people who do not belong.

Kids cannot get into trouble just because a butterfly keeps flying up to their ears or rides around in their pockets. Can they ? They might look a little crazy talking to a butterfly – but they won’t get into any BIG trouble.

And the creatures and the people who are not very good at all – will not know any of the Secrets.

aacell1 (1) butterfly01
This is what one of the phones looks like to the Secret Members. This is what it looks like to the people who are NOT Members.



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