As you know, there is a deep well in Triflora. But that is not the only water. There are rivers and creeks and oceans and lakes.  Triflora would not be right without the Water and all the Water Creatures and Folk.

Nana would NEVER go to the Garden unless there was somewhere to swim. EVERYONE knows that !

Whenever someone is sick or gets hurt, Nana says : “ Throw them in the salt water” or “Take them to the Never Never River. That will fix them.”

Nana didn’t care whether it was Winter or Summer. She was always wanting to throw Little People in the Water and the Never Never River is FREEZING. Funny thing is, most times they come out of the water feeling just fine. Rashes disappear and coughs go away and very snotty noses are as good as new in no time at all.

Plenty of water means that there are also plenty of Mermaids.  ALL of Nana’s Family can swim and ALL of Nana’s family can change into Mer People when they wish. Everyone in Nana’s Family has a Mer Name. Just click on the links below to find out more about the Mermaids and the Mermen.

mermaids9   merms[3]

Plankton Ship Wreck Singer (Poppy)

mermaids4   mermaid4
Marlin River Singer (Rose)   Kelp Shore Loner (Nana)

Tonight’s secret is : Jo and Kate have already been to the Triflora Seas and Jo and Kate have their Mermaid Names already.

They went down into the Garden when they were little girls but when they grew BIG, they forgot all about it !

I will show you their pictures and tell you their names.

Perhaps if you call them by their Mermaid names, now and then, they will remember. Until they DO remember the Secret Garden and the Secret Word and their own Mermaid Names, they will not be able to get through ANY of the Entrances again.


A friendly variety, fond of children, often seen playing with swimmers in the shallows, though one should always exercise caution due to its unpredictable nature.

Note: A solitary variety that prefers to meet others of its kind only rarely. Happiest wandering the oceans alone.

mermaids5   mermaids8
Marlin Ship Wreck Singer   Oyster Bering Dancer

Kate’s Mer friends call her Pistris. That’s the name she needs to remember.


Jo’s Mer Friends call her Ostrea.
That’s the name she needs to remember.



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