Come with me and we will take a wander around. Two of the friendliest birds in Triflora are Melodie and Maloney. They live on the Lake of M. Its a murmuring, mumbling lake.  They sail about all day long and mumble and moan to everyone they meet. Its probably a good thing to be friendly – but Melodie and Maloney are just a little TOO friendly. Especially since they start EVERY sentence with a long Mmmmmmmm.

So let’s hurry past and see what’s next.


On a little hill just past the Lake of M, is the Triflora Witches’ Retirement Home. Witches, in general, prefer to live alone but they DO get VERY VERY old. A witch cannot go and live in the Retirement Home until she is at least 294 years old.

I suppose you think that the Retirement Home is a peaceful place but its actually rather dangerous and extremely strange. You see – the Old Witches can get themselves quite mixed up and they cast some very peculiar spells. That’s why the wall are so wide and high. They need to be high because some of the Old Witches can still fly their broomsticks and they like to take off and cast spells all over the place. witch (1)

gandalf It’s not easy to keep an Old Witch locked up. Not even a sign like this will work for long and the Wizards put a lot of magic and a lot of effort into  keeping the Witches quiet.

Don’t walk too close to the high and wide walls unless you would like to be touched by some very odd Magic.



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