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Barbara and Bert Poppy Felicity Porter

I have told you that there is more to POPPY than meets the eye.

There is also more to her shop than meets the eye.

The reason for this is that Poppy is not JUST a ShopKeeper. She is the No. 1. Detective in the whole of Triflora.  Every time you see a Fairy Shop and think , “ Oh. That’s just a Fairy Shop.” THINK AGAIN.  Some of the Fairy Shops are part of Poppy’s Detective Agency. Just look for this sign  and you will know that you are in one of the Triflora Detective Stores.


If you need help, you will find it in a shop with the TOFS sign.

If you have a secret you need to tell someone, tell it to someone in a TOFS shop.

If you have noticed something strange or seen something bad, just look for the TOFS sign.

Poppy has a lot of talent. Talent means that there are a LOT of things that she can do. Most of it just comes naturally to her.  Her Talents make her a very good Shopkeeper and they make her the very BEST Detective.

One talent she has, which you don’t see very often, is SHAPESHIFTING.

Shapeshifting means that she can appear in different shapes.

Shapeshifting is very handy, indeed. Especially for a Detective.

Another talent of Poppy’s is that she is very intelligent. She thinks and thinks . She can tell when something strange is going on and that’s when she REALLY starts to think. Her favourite place for thinking is in her Shop. She stands at the counter and lets her mind tick, tick, tick till she has an idea. She doesn’t have to worry about the Shop because she NEVER uses money. Not ever. When I said that she buys and sells things, I should have explained. She buys and sells with only Magic and Love.  Poppy would NEVER tell someone that they couldn’t have something, just because they didn’t have enough money. That means she can stand at the Counter and use her Thinking Talent because she does not need to think about Money.

Once, when all of Saffron’s Gelato Ice Cream had disappeared, Poppy stood at the Counter for one whole day – thinking. She sent her Detectives out and about to look for the Gelato and for clues. Saffron sat on the counter and watched her carefully : “ Do you have an idea, Poppy ?” 

When her detectives came back, she listened to what they had to say and then she chose the Shape she wanted to shift into and went out into the Garden to look about. That’s because she did such good thinking before she went out.


Here is the way the Poppy did her thinking.

1. Saffron’s gelato is gone.

2. Who loves Gelato more than anyone in the Garden? Aha – the Snow Fairy.

3.  Who can find the Snow Fairy ?  Aha – the Snow Goose.

4. I shall fly into the Land of the Snow Fairy and see what I can see.

Off she went, flying in the slow strong way that Snow Geese fly, with Saffron riding on her feathery back. As she came closer to the Land of the Snow Fairy, Poppy began to laugh. Instead of white, white and white of the Snow – all the frozen land was COLOURFUL. All the colours of Gelato.

“Well”, said Poppy to the Snow Fairy, who looked most embarrassed. “Is it your birthday?”


Everyone started to laugh and laugh and laugh. The Snow Fairy loved Gelato so much that she had stolen ALL of the ice cream in Triflora for her birthday  and then spread it all over her land instead of the white, white snow.  Pretty soon they were all rolling round and round in Gelato and eating it at the same time.

5. Another case solved by Poppy and her Detectives.






the secret detective agencies.

just click the links below but don’t tell anyone.




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