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Sitting around in Triflora is not quite the same as sitting around at your house. At Poppy’s Place, all kinds of different things happen from time to time.

ALWAYS check your teacup BEFORE you pour the hot tea in.  Little Leroy thinks teacups are the BEST place to sleep and unless Mickey has been around making a lot of AquaVespa noise, he just might still be in there- sound asleep.

We do not want to pour boiling hot tea on Little Leroy.

bookofelvesfair00olco_0153 elvin

Lots of little people come to  Poppy’s Place.  Leroy is the only one who sleeps in the Cups and Nana enjoys the visits from the Little Ones. It makes her feel quite tall.

Poppy’s Place is a very relaxed place to be but the Little Ones have strange ideas about Relaxing. They NEVER come to Poppy’s Place unless they are dressed in their very best clothes. I think they are extremely old-fashioned but I would never tell them that. Their feelings get hurt so easily!

In Triflora, many small beings live in many different places but the Little Ones ( with a capital L and a capital O) are not just small – they are THE Little Ones. They dance at Poppy’s and they choose things very carefully from the shop. They TALK with people but they do not CHAT. The Little Ones come shopping at the same time on the same day every week. They always say Please and they always say Thank You. 

I have not been to the Land of the Little Ones. I don’t think anyone else has been there either.

I wonder whether they relax when they get home. Hmmmmm.

( Except, of course, for Little Leroy who relaxes all the time and is almost never polite. )



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