Sometimes, people and creatures accidentally find their way into Triflora. That’s what happened with the beautiful King of the Kingfishers. He was not trying to get into the Fairy Garden at all.  He was just following Saffron because he LOVED her red hair. When she went up to the Big Fig Tree in Bellingen and whispered Triflora, the King of the Kingfishers did not know that she was calling to Rose and Poppy. Saffron did everything right. She looked to her left. She looked to her right.  She looked all around before she pointed to the secret entrance and whispered Triflora. She even had Nana and Mumma with her.

They didn’t see any people. They didn’t see any Trouble. They didn’t see anything following them. But the King of the Kingfishers was right there. Tiny. The King was very surprised to see them all disappear right inside the Big Fig Tree.

It gave the King such a shock that he flew straight into the hard trunk of the tree and dropped unconscious to the ground.  When he lifted up his head, the door to Triflora was still open – just a little – and the King ducked in without thinking. The next thing he knew he was being whirled and swirled  and all his molecules were rearranged till he was one tiny little bird in the middle of Triflora.


Now, this caused a real panic in Triflora.

I shall tell you why, later.

In the Meantime, a call was sent out for jenny Wren to come as soon as she could !


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