If you read the TRIFLORA NEWS this week, then you know about the man throwing the basket off the stone bridge.

We found out just last night that there was a baby in the basket but NOT an ordinary baby – a Seashellian baby.

All week, we thought the Man was up to something strange and if we had known that it was a baby he had thrown off the bridge – well – it would have been a very bad thing indeed. Now that Baby Jacques is living with Nerissa,we have asked him a question or two but he is still very little and can’t talk very much so we do not know the whole story yet.

We do know that he can breathe on land AND underwater just like Nerissa.

We do know that he has little gills up near his ears.

We don’t know who the man was.

We don’t know why the man threw him off the stone bridge in his basket.

One thing we DO know is that Baby Jacques laughs a lot and is a rascal. He runs and swims and plays tricks. We call him B.J. Baby Jacques.


Nerissa and B.J. have been out swimming. They found the basket at the bottom of the river and inside was a waterproof note. Here is the note that was in B.J.’s basket.


bibbub2 The Mail (Adelaide, SA  1912 - 1954), Saturday 18 October 1924, note

Now, we have three mysteries.

1. Who were B.J.’s parents ?

2.Who are Oster and Aci ?

3. Who is B.J’s sister and where is she now ?


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