Life in Triflora is always a little unusual to people from the World Up Top.

Today it was a lot more than UNUSUAL. It was completely DAFFY. Big_eyed_toucan

When things go DAFFY, then everything is rather crazy.

People don’t say or do what they usually say or do. 

When things go DAFFY, the sky is the wrong colour and the grass grows shorter instead of longer.

When things go DAFFY, people tell VERY silly jokes and then they laugh and laugh even though the jokes are NOT funny.

AN250Today, some of the people in Triflora went completely DAFFY. AN1143

Skinny Skunk spread perfume all day instead of her usual terrible smell. She followed the Mad Monk all over the place and people wondered why he smelt so sweet. Mad Monk kept knocking on doors and asking everyone about Flamingoes.

Do flamingoes have fluffy pink bits ? ”

He would not tell anyone why he wanted to know. Just kept asking about the flamingoes.

As soon as Poppy heard about thecarrot_family_blinking_md_wht Daffy people, she called Jenny Wren because she knew they would need  a Healer to fix people up.  Even the Carrot family was acting Daffy. They were just standing  in the garden. Not one bit of them was in the dirt. They just stood there. 

Hmm – said Poppy –  I need to find out what has made them all so daffy today.

Hmmm- said Jenny Wren –  I need to find a way to stop them being so daffy.

Round about then Nana and her Friends came flying in. They are extremely old and they know most things about most things.


When Nana and ALL her friends get together, then there is Magic spilling out all over the place. That seems to be what happened today.

Oh Whoops !  said Nana.

Oh Whoops! said all her friends.

SORRY. Sorry. sorry. So sorry.  They will all be OK in a little while. WE had a picnic and forgot all about the magic spilling out.

So – that’s what caused the Daffy Day. Just a few old friends having a picnic with a bit of magic left over. All the Daffy people are asleep now. Let’s see how they feel in the morning!




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