TRIFLORA is well known for its bears. They like it down there. There are plenty of trees and forests and a Bear is welcome to build any kind of home it wants to.

Most of the bears in Triflora are charming.

Most of the bears in Triflora are friendly and VERY well educated. They just love learning.

BUT – every now and then, a Triflora bear goes completely NUTS.  It’s a very frightening thing when a Bear goes Nuts. It usually means that they have been eating the Honey of the Red-Bellied Black Bees who have their hives at the entrance to the dark place where trouble is living.

Sometimes they can be helped and then they become almost normal again.



Sometimes they simply have to be put into the Unbearable Forest and allowed to do whatever it is that a bear does when it goes nuts. The Unbearable Forest has an invisible fence around it so that noone can accidentally walk into the Crazy Bears and the Bears cannot get out. The Triflora Bears made the fence invisible so that the Bears who had gone Nuts didn’t even know they were locked in. Things were hard enough for them without their feeling like they were locked up.



Just this week, Irene Bear totally lost the plot. Irene is well known for her beautiful clothes and wonderful singing voice. It seems that her voice was croaky one day and then croaky the next day and she could hardly sing at all.

It really wasn’t a good enough reason to try the Honey of the Red-Bellied Black Bees but that’s what Irene did. She wanted to sing and off she went, right to the edge of Trouble and ate far too much sweet honey.

Well – she’s now running wild down near Trouble. No Bear has even been able to catch her or trick her into the Unbearable Forest. She is not singing AT ALL. Just growling and dribbling blood because she did something no Triflora Bear would ever do. She is killing things and eating them. It NEVER pays to play at the edge of Trouble.

We might need to look for some real help before she does anything else.


When things get as bad as they are for Irene and Jarvis, the time has come to send the Messengers off to get some bigtime help.

Eastward of the Sun and Westward of the Moon – that’s where Kris, the white bear and Luciana live. If there is any way to help Irene and Jarvis, these two will know what it is.

In the meantime – do NOT go walking in the Forests or Bush and make sure you are safe when you go to sleep. Jarvis is safely behind the fence for now but Irene is still wandering around and she is not at all herself.

The only thing left about Irene is her singing voice. She ate so much honey that she is singing sweeter than ever – but don’t get tricked. She will eat you JUST LIKE THAT !


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