bibbub2 The Mail (Adelaide, SA  1912 - 1954), Saturday 18 October 1924, 2

The Gumnut children live in the Triflora Bush.

There are no bears living in the Triflora Bush.

Well, usually there are no bears living in the Bush but the Children had heard about Irene and Jarvis and they were rather frightened.


The children hid behind leaves and they hid behind branches and they hid inside flowers. They were looking out for Irene who could eat them in one little bite.

Snip! Snap!

Unfortunately, the tree where Gert Gumnut was hiding, suddenly lifted right out of the ground. It gave Gert quite a shock.

At first, she thought it was Irene but Irene would have been singing and Gert had not heard a thing.

She looked out through the leaves and saw the biggest strongest man she had ever seen. He had the whole tree on his shoulders. Next to him a funny little fella with a pointy hat was leaping up and down and taking and talking.

Come on. Come on. We need the wood for the fire for the Party. Hurry up! Hurry Up !

Gert tried to call out but noone heard her. She rustled the tree but noone noticed. In the end , she decided to hang on and enjoy herself. It looked like she was going to a party.


The funny little fella kept calling out and all sorts of people started to follow the Strong Man and the Tree. They were following Gert Gumnut as well – but she was the only one who knew that.

Gert was a little Gumnut from the Triflora Bush and she had never seen such strange people wearing such strange clothes before.

Wow! This could be one funny party !


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