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Well then. I spoke to the Wizards. Talk about EXCITED. Wizards DO get excited. It takes a lot to get a Witch worked up but Wizards can just about get excited about ANYTHING – especially if they think people need them to make something amazing. The PARTY FOR NO REASON AT ALL made the Wizards so excited that they didn’t go to bed AT ALL. There was so much for them to do.

Wizards know a lot about things. They know things that noone else does. Sometimes they know things that they don’t even know that they know.

The Wizards didn’t know that they knew how to get the Beings from the Unfound Sea to the Party and back home without Trouble finding out. Wizzy the Wizz called in every Wizard from the 2 Towers in Triflora and they got out their books and computers and their memories and started to work out what to do. animated-gifs-wizards-11

They read.

They argued.

They experimented.

They thought and they thought.

And then they made plans and began to DESIGN things.


In Triflora, there are 3 groups of Wizards. I won’t tell you much about them just now because we are getting ready for the party. Wizzy Wizz loves parties and the other 2 Wizards do not like parties at all. Except for the Party for NO REASON AT AL. 

Each of the 3 Wizards lives in his own Tower and each of the 3 Wizards has his own Followers.

The thing is that they do not get on all that well together. Usually. But for the Party – they are COOPERATING.

It took all three of them to invent the Lightship which could zoom into the Unfound Sea,  bring the Beings to the Party and then zoom them back home again.

It took all three of them to design and draw the plans for the Lightship.

It took all of their Followers to build the Lightship.

It took all three of them to place the Magic Shield around the Lightship.

I do wish they would cooperate more often – but Wizards are like that !

Now they are getting ready for the PARTY FOR NO REASON AT ALL.  I have just been to check on them and let me tell you this. Each Tower is trying to do better than the other two.

They have the most amazing outfits to wear to the Party.

They have just the craziest music and quite a lot of magic tricks and special effects and each Tower has been practicing the Dances of the Wizards.

Just you wait and see!



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