Montague the Fireless Dragon.


To dear Rose,

One more night until the Party begins. And then 5 days of party, party, party. I’m watching from up in my Tower – just to see what’s going on down near Poppy’s Place.

I’m staying up here in the Tower until the Angels stop playing.  I am too old to pretend that I like Angel Music but I do not want to hurt their feelings by telling them to stop. Its just as bad as the Old Butter Factory in Bellingen in the World Up Top.

Ah! Now that’s better ! I can hear drums.  Love from Nana Lynne.

115Nana sent her note off with Montague the Fireless Dragon. He flew straight out of her Tower and back to the Rose in Dragon Caverns. Rose didn’t bring the Dragons for the whole party because they needed to stay calm in case they forgot where they were and burst out blazing.  That’s what happens when Dragons laugh. Out comes the fire and who knows what will get blazed.  Nana will let her know when the Dragon Party Area is ready for them to come.


Now, the drums that Nana heard coming belong to the Clowns. The Triflora Circus and Carnivalia have plenty of work to do before the Party starts. They set up the Tents and decorate the whole village.3

The Circus and Carnival People have everyone laughing and happy before the Party even begins.

The Circus and Carnival People also know how to build the Dragon party Area. That is more important than you might think because without the Dragons, not enough food would be cooked.

The PARTY FOR NO REASON AT ALL needs a LOT of food.

A lot of food cooking needs a lot of fire and Dragons have a lot of fire IF they are doing a lot of laughing.

08That’s the main reason that the Circus and Carnival People come to the Party the day before it even begins to begin.  Here are the reasons that the Circus and Carnival People come to the Party so early. 14

  1. The set up camping and tents.  They do not need portable toilets because noone needs to go to the toilet in Triflora. Not ever !
  2. They get everyone into good moods while they are getting the Party ready.
  3. They keep the Music going.
  4. They build the Dragon Party Area.  We call it the D.P.A. When its finished, then it is the Circus People’s Job to get them laughing and laughing so that they blaze fire and blaze fire and the food can be cooked. Its not easy building a DPA. The Dragons need to be comfortable and happy because they ARE at a party. They flames when they laugh need to heat the stoves for the food. They need someone who can make them laugh to whatever temperature the cooks need. Now – that is NOT easy.





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