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Whatever are you doing ?  said Saffron.

Well, Gert came out from under the Bench and sat beside Saffron. She told her all about the Bush and the Strong Man and Saffron told her about the Band.

Well, said Gert.  Who is in your band?

So Saffron told her that Rose and Poppy would be but they were very busy at the moment.

So Gert and Saffron decided to start the Band by themselves. 

This will be very interesting.  said Saf.

Ballet1Gert and Saf made the best of Friends. They had  GREAT IDEAS and nothing much scared either of them. Gert had never in her whole life had clothes to wear. When she went to Poppy’s Place,  she knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted the ballerina dress and the ballerina shoes. She wanted to DANCE. Saf chose a silver grey dress and a wonderful hat with flowers  on. amil

I shall ask Wizzy! He will tell me what to play ! she said. Before too long, Wiz had given her a special instrument which he brought down from his tower for her and she was singing and playing just as though her name was already up in lights.

They had a good talk to Poppy and the three of them decided to call the band, THE PETALS. They didn’t bother Rose because she was very busy with the Dragons and she was also rather big now and didn’t always want to play.

Then the Girls went back to the BENCH and began writing songs and playing music and dancing. Then they made a sign saying : THE PETALS : AUDITIONS HERE. They want to have a very BIG BAND.

the petals audit Then Gert and Saf sat down to wait for Musicians who wanted to try out for their new band: THE PETALS. It was a good place to sit because they could see al the Party People arriving while they were trying out new members of the Petals. Poppy’s Place was just 2 cottages from them and she kept sending them beautiful things to eat and drink.

I would like you to meet some of the Musicians who are trying out for the Petals. If you put your favourite in the comment box, they might win a special place in the Band. Now to take a look at the Musos.


pink_panther Baller1
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Saffron specially likes the times when everyone is  busy doing things. Sometimes they forget to keep an eye on her and she can do whatever she likes, just like Gert Gumnut was doing in the Bush just before they cut her tree down and carried her to the Party.

Since Saffron’s Mum had come down to Triflora, things had gotten a bit careful. Mothers DO like to stop little ones from having fun.

On the morning of the PARTY FOR NO REASON AT ALL, Mumma told her that her Dadda was coming down to Triflora as well. That has been a bit of a shock ! Dadda is coming down to help cook the food. He knows how to cook “WITH LOVE” but Saffron is not sure that the Guardians can whirl and swirl quite enough molecules to let her father into Triflora. She could NOT imagine her father as a Little man. Not at all.

They can do it ! said her Mumma. He will be here very soon! Then we will all start cooking.

Well. That will keep them busy ! thought Saffron to her own self. Off she went to take a good look around – all by herself.


She saw the Circus and Carnival people. 

She saw the Strong Man and all the people dressed in special clothes.

She saw the Cooks coming to the Party Kitchen.

She saw Poppy with all the beautiful and funny clothes that people could want.

She saw the big glass window in the seaside pool where the Underwater People could have their Party and everyone could join in.

sorcererAnd then she saw Wizzy getting the Musicians’ Names written up in Lights. 

Lights went on inside Saffron’s own head. SHE could have a band and her band could play at the Party. She REALLY wanted her name up in lights.

the petals ani2

Saffron could see it right there and then. Her and the Rose and Poppy. The trouble is that Rose and Poppy are VERY busy getting things ready for the Party and Saffron needs some band members RIGHT NOW.  She went down to the last cottage in the Village and sat on the bench out the front. That’s when she saw a little Girl hiding under the bench and wearing nothing but a Gumnut hat. Saffron Crocus had met Gert Gumnut.