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One thing that Poppy really loves is EMOTICONS. Just the other day she found all these little Emoticons lost in the Garden and she brought them all home to her Place.  Poppy’s place is almost always filled with emoticons.

There are 100s od them trying to find the Party. If you see any Emoticons lost in the Garden, please send them on to Poppy. There is plenty of room for them at her place.

These are her favourites. She knows they are disgusting but they are still her favourites.

:puke! puke:puke! puke:puke! puke:puke! puke:puke! puke:puke! puke:puke! puke

fairy2a    NANA has been finding emoticons all over the place. They don’t seem to be very good at finding their way around and Nana does NOT like sitting down and landing on top of a smiley face. She has Stella Starface out looking for them and taking them all down to Poppy.  Here are some of the Emoticons that Nana found in her tower today.

smileyvault-cute-big-smiley-animated-025     smiling   smilbig 3d_smiley      Smiley_screams  Thumbs_up    smilieyourtthumb



bibbub The Mail (Adelaide, SA 1912 - 1954), Saturday 18 October 1924,3

bibbub The Mail (Adelaide, SA 1912 - 1954), Saturday 18 October 1924,2

By the first day of the Party, Bib and Bub, who lived in the Bush, decided that they knew enough about Human Dancing to open a school  for all the Triflora Creatures. Don’t forget that NOONE at all in the whole of Triflora is really quite Human.

Some of them LOOK human and some of them do not look Human.

But not one of them is really a Human like the people in the World up Top.

That’s why Bib and Bub opened the School of Human Dancing. The Birds had gone up Top and watched. Then they came back to the Bush and taught everyone to dance and now Bib and Bub thought they were ready to teach the people at the PARTY FOR NO REASON. I don’t think they knew how crazy that could be.



They taught the Hula to Millicent, Minerva and Mabel and that was very beautiful but some of the others just didn’t get the hang of it at all.

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children15 chorus

Bib and Bub taught the CAN CAN which is a very interesting dance.

dancing_frog 3