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Dressing for the Party is a most exciting thing.  I am always a little surprised to see what people decided to wear.

Gert Gumnut simply will not take her ballet outfit off. She even sleeps in her ballet shoes and like to have her hair done up every day.

Saffron Crocus and the other Flower Children have their Flower outfits ready to go. They look AMAZING !


The Flower Children spend hours and hours getting dressed for the party. That is a very good thing because it keeps them busy  while some of the other jobs are being done.

People –older people – think that Flower Children get in their way while they are working but the Children DO try to help.

Just the same, it is probably better that they are getting dressed and dancing and singing. No party would be a party without The Flower Children .

You can see how colourful and pretty they are. The Flower Children know how to be HAPPY.


I, myself, do not like Cats and we have quite a few cats in Triflora.  Una, the white cat doesn’t even like going into the Gardens. She eats her dinner from a plate and wipes her whiskers on a cloth napkin. What she does like doing is helping the Flower Children get dressed for the Party. Una has perfect taste for clothes. She knows EXACTLY  what someone should wear.

She is keeping an eye on the Little Ones while the food is being prepared and the decorations arranged. Rose is getting the cooking dragons ready and Poppy is very busy at her Place. She is ORGANISING things.  Wizzy is writing up the names of the Musicians and  doing sound checks. Even though I do not like Una, I am glad she is taking care of the Flower Children while we are all so busy.


Una’s friend, Veronica, is helping out as well. She is toasting bagels for the Children and making them warm drinks.We try to keep them inside till the end of the first day because we like to surprise them. When they come out just as the Moon begins to smile, things look just about perfect and it is a very exciting time for everyone when the Flower Children come dancing out through the Oddling Dreamer’s doorway. It’s like being in a garden where all the flowers bloom at one time.


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