Now that I know the Flower Children are safely with Una and Veronica, I might take a look around and see who is here and what they are up to. Best I take myself to Poppy’s Place and have a cup of ginger tea before I take a walk around the Party Place. It’s rather BIG now with tents and caravans and all manner of things. 

Well, there goes Lloyd again. Silly, horse-headed fellow ! Every time that Marjorie puts on her best shawl and that beautiful black skirt with the flower pattern on it, he faints. Every single time.  I think I will take a look for Grandpa. He doesn’t much like people and he doesn’t much like parties and if he can think of a way out of the PARTY FOR NO REASON AT ALL, he will simply not turn up.

fairybookbestpop00crai02_0413Just because the Lightship has been made doesn’t mean that all 3 Wizards aren’t needed now. A Party like this one needs all the Magic in Triflora.

Ah! There he is. That’s better than the last Party.. WE had to smoke him out of his tower last time but here he is in the entrance to the Cave on the edge of the Party Place. Looks like Lucinda talked him into coming. Lucinda is very good with white doves and with Grandpa. Grandpa’s wizard name name is Trebor  and he has the best magic for mobile phones, computers, cameras and sound equipment. I wonder whether he brought his Followers with him. They will keep this party pumping.


Oh no ! I knew there would be something going on somewhere. Just look at Mr William White ! There he is again. All dressed up as if he were g0ing to work at an “office’ in the World Up Top. Will that man never learn that he is DEAD and he is NEVER going to be Boss of anywhere again?

I do believe that he is telling the Sun when to go down so that the Party can really begin.

I shall have a word to Mr William White. He doesn’t even know that he is only as big as a jelly bean these days.

The Sun Goes down when the Sun wants to go down. There is no changing that!


Ah! No need for me to worry. Voluminous Van Tickle is taking care of Mr William White. Voluminous is rather BIG! Big for Triflora. Voluminous keeps an eye on the Little People who have come from the World Up Top. The ones who don’t know that they are not Up There anymore. The ones who think they are still alive. They can’t go back and forwards like Saffron and Rose and Poppy. They can’t go out there and fly like the Birds or go back to work like the Flower Children’s parents.

Poor things – they get a  bit confused and sometimes they get very upset.

Voluminous knows what to do. He will soon give Mt William White a job at the Party. Very soon, I hope, before the Sun gets too annoyed.


I am ready for a sit down at Poppy’s and my cup of ginger tea.

Just a moment. I can smell something not quite right here in this corner of the garden. Now, what is that?

Look at that! Its not a Flower. It’s a Flower Child. And its not Violet even though it looks like her. It smells quite different. Its Johnnie Jump-up. Its off to Una and Veronica with you, young Johnnie. Its not time for Flower Children yet.

If you have any stories from the Party Place, or if you would like to come along, you can write them in the COMMENTS below.



I wonder what Rose will be wearing when she brings the Dragons across. This is the first year that she has lived in the Dragon Caverns and now she is the Dragon Mistress.

I remember when she was just little Briar Rose and wore short pink skirts and she was very cute.

I don’t think CUTE will be the right word for the Dragon Mistress.

There is always something to look forward to at the PARTY FOR NO REASON AT ALL.



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