Its lucky I sat down here at Poppy’s Place. The ginger tea is waking me up and making my eyes sharper and sharper. That means that I can see even better than I usually can and I DO like to keep an eye on things. I have already found one Flower Child out and about and dressed in someone else’s blossoms and now – just look at what I can see from this Bench.

If that is a Flower Child, I will eat my own broomstick.  Ah well lets send him in to Una and Veronica and let him try to tell them that he is a 4 leaf clover – with a beard.



The Cats are out and about this morning. Bringing in the Flower Children and keeping them happy and busy.

You look absolutely gorgeous; says the Mighty X to Yvette.  What an amazing dress!

Mighty X is rounding up the Flower Children who are out and about in the Cottage Gardens and the Flowerpots near the Shops. He already has our so-called 4 leaf clover tucked into his fur and is taking him back to Oddling Dreamer’s tower. Its not time for the Flower Children yet – not even the ones with beards.


Veronica enjoys the first day of the Party for No Reason at All. She loves the Children and all the colour and beautiful smells that they bring with them. She makes sure that they get some rest and plenty of good food for the day. She talks them into having a bit of a sleep because they just might be up all night long once the Party gets going. The dance of the Flower Children starts just as the Sun sets and then the Party truly begins.

Veronica and Anthony Alsatian enjoy a quiet afternoon tea while the Little Ones sleep. Anthony takes care of the outfits and Veronica has been fitting them and spinning up new ideas.  In the room above, the Oddling Dreamer is dreaming the songs for the Dance. He has 4 more to dream up.



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