What are you doing here and more importantly, can you sing ?


For a while it looked like none of the Bears would be able to make it to the PARTY.

Irene and Jarvis gave all the Bears a very bad name indeed. Irene was meant to sing the song in the Bear’s Parade. Her voice was still sweet as Triflora Honey but she was still unbearable.  In the end, it took all 3 Wizards working together to put a magic ring around Unbearable Forest long enough to keep Irene and Jarvis inside and let the other bears go to the Party.

The Bears still needed a Singer. They tried out some very strange Singers and were beginning to GIVE UP. Noone sang like Irene !

Except …….. if they ALL joined in and simply sang along together …. nothing sounds as good as a big group of friends and family singing together.


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