When people are waiting for Parties to start, things can sometimes go a little bit wrong.

When people are waiting for Parties to start, things can sometimes go a BIG bit wrong.

That’s why it pays to keep an eye on things.

It looks like Bettina and Andy have had a quarrel but they seem to be sorting it out. I do not know why Andy thinks a bean is a good way to make things right.

auge5One of the things about Ginger Tea is that it gives me plenty of sharp eyes to look about with and saves my feet for dancing. fairybookbestpop00crai02_0110It means I can see where things are starting to go wrong and send someone in to do something about it before it turns into real Trouble.

Looks like a slight problem has occurred in the Edible Orchard. Carolina is up in the Chucklefruit Tree and she is certainly chuckling. Dennis has his Party outfit on and Carolina thinks it is pretty funny. I don’t think she will come to the Party with him looking like that and her eating one chuckleberry too many. I had best send JAINSTAR to have a talk with them and get Carolina away from those berries.




Hmm. Looks like Snow White is too scared to come. She still thinks her Stepmother will find her down here in Triflora. This looks like a job for the TGLS Fable Arts. No evil Stepmother will be getting to Snow White with TGLS taking care of her. TGLS plus 7 Dwarves will keep her safe!







Oh No ! Mr William White is at it again. How did he get out and about. There he is – going mad at the Sun again. If he keeps doing this, the Sun might take himself off and hide behind the Clouds, or even decide to set earlier than he should.

Mr William White can be a right pain in the neck!

What will we do with him ?




Ah well. It is the first day of a Party and there are always strange things that happen on Day 1. That ‘ornery giant chucked big rocks at any of the boats ad ships coming in from the Perfumed Sea. Its lucky he is such a bad tosser.

I haven’t even looked at the food or the music. There are enough people taking care of them. The dragons are already deep in the cooking pits but I haven’t seen Rose at all.

It’s just about time to get dressed. This is going to be one Fancy Party.


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