When  the Party is on, everyone leaves their disagreements behind for 5 whole days and EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

When the Party is on, you will see some very strange things happening.

It is the only time of the Year that the 3 Wizards cooperate, as you know. Even more strangely, the Witches cooperate with them as well and with one another. That makes some pretty powerful magic! So far, noone has ever wanted to risk getting into trouble with ALL of them at once by mucking up at the Party.

All the Spiders promise not to bite anyone at all for 5 days and they promise not to play any tricks with their web-weaving. When Party is on, there are Spiders all around the edges of the Party Place. It’s a busy time for them. The only way into the Party is through the Webs and they are looking specially pretty this year. It takes just one Promise from each person to get in. Here’s how to get into the Party Place:

  1. Find a Spider.
  2. Tell them who you are.
  3. Choose one thing you do and promise NOT to do it for the whole five days of the Party.

Then the Spider will show you the space in the web and in you go.


Antony has promised not to play his drums while other bands are playing.


Briar Rose has promised not to play with the Dragons while they are doing the cooking. She wants to be just like Rose when she gets a little older – but she is still just a Briar Rose and doesn’t quite know what she is doing when it comes to Dragons.


The 3 Blind Mice have promised not to run after the Farmer’s Wife this time.

She cuts off their tails with the carving knife each time and then Benedict cannot play the fiddle for weeks and weeks because his bottom is too sore for jiggling about.


Cerissa has promised not to push James off his rocking horse and James says he will not call her names or even laugh at her Party hairstyle.


The Larrikin Lads are coming in from the Forest, dressed in their very best clothes. They are promising to play no tricks and to dance with anyone who looks lonely and sad.

Larrikin Lads LOVE Parties.


The Spiders almost told Douglas he could not come in this time. He jumped right into the middle of the Fairies and Piskeys when they were halfway through their Arriving Dance. He has promised not to do it again.



Down the Lane at the Edge of the Village lives a very shy man. He grows potatoes. Not ordinary potatoes. Potatoes of every colour and shape. Potatoes that can fix broken bones and bleeding sores and all manner of things.

His name is Ethelred the Unready. He is the REAL Ethelred and he is never ready for anything much except growing his potatoes.

Ethelred certainly wasn’t ready to come to the Party but Triflora knows about the Shy People and we have some special people who spend the whole First Day travelling round Triflora and bringing in the Shy People.  Francine knew just the right things to say to Ethelred and soon he had his best coat and hat on and they were off to the Party.

The Spiders know about the Shy People and the Gatherers and they let them through the Webs without asking them to promise anything. They just hope that the Shy People will have a good time.


In Triflora, there are rather a lot of Kings. Kings of all types. Most of them have nothing much to do and live in one enormous palace where they hardly ever meet one another.

Each one thinks he is the Kings of Kings.

Each King thinks the Party is for him. They all come dressed in their very best crowns and robes.

The Kings look pretty smart, but each of them likes to be the centre of attention and that’s not going to happen at the PARTY FOR NO REASON AT ALL.  It takes a lot of Promises to get all the Kings through the Webs.

Tigersclaw is NOT to use that hand on anyone at the Party. He does have a bit of a temper.


Gwenevra has come with her Puppet People. She has promised that she will not tell them what to do.

We will see !


Hydrella watches the Webs from her rock in the Shallow Water .


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