birchtreefairyb00unkngoog_0150 2 heads

The Gatherers have a rather difficult job to do. Some of the Reluctant Guests are just Shy – but some have their own reasons for not wanting to come to the Party.

When wee Gatherer Jehosaphat was sent to Jeremiah’s he trembled in his knees and elbows and jumped more than he usually did. What was he going to say to Jeremiah to make the party look like a good idea ?

Jehosophat thought that if he had two heads he would never show either of his faces in public.

( Jehosphat has a lot to learn about Triflora. He is going to see much stranger things than Jeremiah.) It turns out that Jeremiah was perfectly ready for the Party.

He had had two haircuts. He was wearing an excellent pair of boots, a fancy pair of pants and a very good shirt. He even had his promise ready. He was going to promise that he would not eat twice as much as everyone else.

birchtreefairyb00unkngoog_0275Gatherer Roger had a simpler job. He was flying out to get Mr Klaus who lived at the edge of the Triflorean Boundary. Mr Klaus was very ready in his top hat and black suit and just needed a lift. Roger and Mr Klaus had done this often and they enjoyed the flight to and from the Party together.



When it comes to Rabbits, it takes a team of 30 Gathering Hands. The Invitations were sent out to the Rabbit Holes but not a single Rabbit answered. Noone knows why the Rabbits don’t want to come to the Party.

Its not about their clothes. They usually dress very smartly. They like waistcoats and watches and chequered jackets.

Rabbits are always clean and can talk beautifully. They hear everything that’s said. They simply LOVE company.

If you ask a Rabbit to dinner, he or she will come and still be there chattering at breakfast time. They come to Birthdays and, of course, Easter is Rabbit Time – bigtime.

But when it comes to the PARTY FOR NO REASON AT ALL – the Rabbits hide and hop and freak out totally. They REFUSE to come. Only the Team of 30 Gathering Hands has any chance of ‘convincing’ them to come along and have some fun.

Why do you think the Rabbits refuse to come to the Party?



Only one kind of Gatherer can convince the Old Lady and the Old Gentleman of Triflora to come to the Celebrations. Only the Angel Children can talk them into coming.

The Old Lady and the Old Gentleman are perfectly content to stay home. They have a huge chair where they sit all day. They have their computers and their telephones and flowers grow all around them. The window of their room is 5 times as high as the Old Gentleman and lets in wonderful light. Many visitors come but the Old Couple love the Children best of all.

That’s why the Angel Children are sent to Gather them up for the First Dance at the Party. The Old Couple just cannot say NO to the Children. They even wear the paper crowns that the Flower Children have sent for them. The feel pretty silly wearing them, but they just cannot say NO.

This year, they have promised to wear the paper crowns and to dance – just one dance.  They were going to promise to SMILE when they got to the Webs – but they just cannot bring themselves to smile while they are wearing those crowns.

Just the same, they will be glad to get home again.



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