My idea is that there is music in the air,music all around us; the world is full of it,and you simply take as much as you require.
Edward Elgar

Obviously, I cannot tell you about every single thing that happens at the Party.

Obviously, I cannot show you every single Being.

The Party is just too big for that but you fairy_17don‘t have to worry because it will be talked about for a very long time and then you can find out more.

fairy_16fairy_20Fairly_fliesDay 3 is about FLYING. Triflora has many, many Beings who can fly. I am sure you can imagine that.

The Flying Beings come with a silvery web of music. The Blue Fairies lead the Flying Beings into the Party Place.


Day 3 is an excellent day. Nigel wanted very much to be in the Flight of Triflora – but Nigel cannot fly. He was a little disappointed because his very best friends are Pixies and he knew they would be flying.

What he didn’t know was that they had been planning for ages and ages to build him a balloon. They even missed Day 1 and Day 2 because the Balloon was not quite ready and they were working on it.


The pixies built the basket of the balloon from the grasses that grow in the Unbearable Forest. They are the lightest but strongest of all grasses. It took some courage to go into the forest while Irene was Nuts but they did it ! 

They wove the silken threads of the Lost Spider into the balloon. Now, that really took some doing. The Lost Spider lives on an island in the Unfound Sea and NEVER leaves. Not even for the Party. She sent her silks with the Lightship for the Pixies to weave.

Now, Nigel is excited and the Pixies are delighted and they are all ready for the Triflora Flight.

bookoffairypoetr00owen_0087The Joyful Spirits had been hiding in the tall flowers beside the path leading into the Party. As soon as they heard the music begin, they slid down the stems of the Flowers.

Their hair was flying.

Their clothes were flying.

They were quite mad with happiness.

The Joyful Spirits sang in little voices like silver bells.

They jumped onto people’s shoulders and tickled their ears.

They fluttered and flittered and turned quadruple somersaults in the air.

The Flight has begun.


















For the first time ever, the Felicity the Flying Fish has chosen to join the Flight. She needs some water to land in after each leap. The Circus Folk have designed a path with tubs of water. Each tub is one leap from the one before. Felicity has been practising for a long time because one mistake and she will be splatted on the ground with no air. When they reach the end of the Flight, she has a fancy triple flip ready and a huge tub of water where she can spend the rest of the Party.

The Flying Beings were not too sure about letting her fly with them. They thought she belonged with the Water People.  Felicity just looked them straight in the eyes and said I AM a FLYING Fish.

You cannot stop me flying in the Triflora Flight.


The Pelicans have flown for more time than anyone can remember except Nana and her Friends and they don’t talk about it.

They hardly ever flap their wings. They just float and soar and make big circles in the sky.  The Pelican Piskies ride on their backs and smile a lot. It’s a good way to travel.


The Kingfisher is keeping a close watch on the 2 Rascals. The only way they got into the Party this year was by promising not to nick anything AT ALL. AN041


The 2 Rascals had to make 2 Promises.

1. was the promising not to nick anything.

2. they promised to bring back EVERYTHING they nicked last year. The kingfisher is making sure they do. They were giving Birds a bad name.


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