“Orrible Olaf couldn’t fly and he NEVER went near water. He was quite ‘orrible. He farted and burped and some people say he used to spit at their feet.

“orrible Olaf is not like that anymore.



This is what happened! “Orrible was at the Party a year or so back. He was farting and burping and he hadn’t had a bath or a shower or even washed his face since the last rain. He had sneaked in past the Spiders and laughed at them.

The Spiders were so angry that they tried to catch him. Olaf ran off, giggling and burping and making rude signs at the Spiders.  He ran straight into the Secret Web.

You must not tell anyone about the Secret Web. It is to stop anyone like Olaf from sneaking in. The Weaver of the Secret Web is called Pandelina.

The Secret Web is woven from fairy silk, just like  Pandelina’s wings and hair. It is so delicate that it can’t be seen and yet so strong that not even a giant could break through it.

WHAMMEEE! “’Orrible Olaf crashed into it. He waved his arms and kicked his  legs and made things much worse for himself. Soon he was completely wrapped up in Web.

Well. Olaf hung there in the Web and just about freaked out. He looked up and got a real surprise. He had never seen anything like Pandelina. He was in love IMMEDIATELY. He thought she was perfect.

Pandelina looked at Olaf with a sad smile.

What do you think you are d0ing ? she said.

Olaf could not say one single word. He was so ashamed of himself. Right there and then, he promised himself that he would change. He would do ANYTHING to make this beautiful Being proud of him. He would wash every day. He would even wash his clothes. He would not burp and he would not fart. He would never spit on anyone’s foot- not ever again. Olaf just hung in the Web and smiled at Pandelina.

Now the funny thing is this. Pandelina, who was the Lady of the Spiders, and wore a crown and had wings as soft as springtime breezes – thought that Olaf was lovely. She sent her fairies over to unwind him from the Web and bring him over to her.

Hello! She said.