Jack and the Kookaburra.


Day 4 of the Party is a very special day.

Some might call it a very sad day.

IN some ways, it IS a very sad day.

It is the day of the Spirits.

There are many kinds of Beings in Triflora.


Some live for ever.

Some stay in Triflora and never go up into the World Up Top.

Some come and go and change size and shape – just like Rose and Poppy and Saffron.

There are Beings who fly and many who live underwater. All kinds of Creatures and People.


You see, things do die. That can be very sad indeed. Things die and they never come back – not the way they were before.

On the 4th Day of the Party, people take time to think about the ones who have died. They tell stories and they cry and they laugh. They play music and write poems. All about the people and animals who have gone.  That’s the sad part.


The Happy part is still a Mystery.

Sometimes when people are sitting in the Garden, they think they see something or someone they knew.

Sometimes, when someone is growing vegetables, they almost hear a voice telling them how to grow the plants and the vegetables turn out more wonderful than ever before.

In Triflora there is magic, magic, magic but the Spirits are something more than Magic.

They come in the Mists and they shine in the Sun. They can’t come back to the ones who are still alive but they do take very good care of them.

Its because Love never dies. Never ever. Little Zeda and the Butterfly Fairies are the main messengers between the Spirits and Triflora. On Day 4, you can leave a message with Zeda or any of the other Butterfly Fairies and they will take the message to the Spirit for you.

I will tell you more about them later. Just take some quiet time now and think about the People who have gone. Talk to someone if you feel sad. Draw a picture or write a story for the Butterfly Fairies to take to the Spirit World for you.


On Day 4, The Spirit Gardens open their gates and everyone is welcome inside for a little while. The only music in the whole of Triflora in the Morning of Day 4 is from the Flutes of the Rabbits. They play a kind of sad/happy music.

The Spirit Gardens are a wonderful place. Once everyone has stopped crying and being sad, they open their eyes wide in the Spirit Gardens and then they KNOW that the people they loved are there somewhere. I will show you more of the gardens some other time. 

Today, its time to have a bit of a rest before the Day 4 Feast and Concert. You will need to put all your tears away now and get ready for the last Big Day of the Party. Tomorrow is packing up and farewell.

childlifeinjapan00ayrt_0111Today we eat again and dance again and play music again. We do things we have never done before. WE try food we have never eaten before. And tonight is Wizzy’s Biggest Concert of All Time. Then there will be enough music to keep Trouble away for at least 122 days.


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