Some say that cleaning and packing up is not fun at all.

Cleaning and packing up can be miserable but on Day 5 of the Party for No Reason At All, they are FUN. FUN. FUN.

I try to tell Anastine she can enjoy today. I try and I try.


She just sits there saying; Cleaning and packing up are no fun at all! 

She always was miserable, even when we were children.


The Kittens have much more fun.

Kittens do have fun, of course. They jump on the brooms. They wrestle with each other. I don’t think they get much work done but they really do have FUN.

Anastine says that she cannot sweep when the Kittens are around.

Anastine says that’s why she is just sitting in the corner being miserable.

Anastine always blames someone else for whatever is happening.




Bellamy Bob is just standing in Poppy’s Place.

Just leaning against the wall.

Well, that’s what it looks like.

In Triflora, things are often not what they seem.

Bellamy Bob is actually a gargoyle. He came down from the Bell Towers for the Party. He has been dancing and dancing and now he is standing there doing what a gargoyle does best.

Bellamy Bob is scaring off anything that should not be there.

Bob has scared off a lot of dirt.

He has scared off  some dust dancers.

He has scared off the Little Cooks who wanted to make even more mess.

Bellamy Bob is a very good Staring Scarer.

He has skeddaddled the Brownies out of doors and it is not easy to get that many Brownies to do anything. Bellamy Bob just stared at them. Off they went as fast as they could.

You can do a lot of good by JUST STANDING THERE.


Cheerio Charles never stands still. He has already worn out his Party Boots in just 5 days.

Cheerio Charlie always has a good time.

He has a good time cleaning.

He has a good time packing up.

He has a good time when there are people around and he has a good time when he is on his own.

Cheerio Charlie decided to clean the attic for Poppy and it sure needed cleaning up. There was junk all over the place.

CHEERIO!  said Charlie and started to make it tidy as can ever be.


CHEERIO!  said Charlie when he knocked over a box and out spilled gold, gold and more gold.  Now, this really is FUN said he.


The Dottias are a different matter.

They do move about. In fact they MOVE in a very dotty way. You have already met one of them. You met Xerottia Dottia just after the Flight on Day 3.

Let me tell you this. As far as I can see, all the Dottias are rather odd.

All the Dottias think they can fly. They think they can dance. They think they can clean.

The Girls say I am not very kind to the Dottias.

The Girls say that the Dottias are probably very good at something.

I don’t think the Dottias are good at anything except being Dotty. They are certainly no good at cleaning up and they are too skinny to carry anything. 

I am old now and I am also a Witch.  That means that I do not have to be nice to Dottias if I don’t want to be – and I don’t !


I DO like being nice to Children and Little Creatures. They call me NANA. On the Last Day of the Party, we round up all the Children and bring them into my Tower while the cleaning up is going on.

The Little Cooks can cook anything they want to at my Place.

The little Animals come. All the Babies of Triflora come. I have plenty of rooms in my Tower. Especially for Little Ones.




I wonder whether you know what the Children’s job is today.

It’s a special job and they love it.

You know that Trouble is lurking down there someplace.

You know that if the Music ever stops, then Trouble will be on its way into the rest of Triflora.

Well-on Day 5 of the Party, while everyone is cleaning and packing, the Children have the Job of Making Music all day long.

Trouble is REALLY afraid of the Children making Music !

Come for a visit to my Tower and you will see how we spend the day.


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