Daniel and Davo have rolled up in their cart to help take the Plants back to the Borrowing Garden.

Enid the Donkey can pull a good heavy load and Daniel and Davo are much stronger than they look.

They say it will take them about 7 trips to take all the borrowed potplants back to the Garden.


It could take them a bit longer than they think because  Freddy is out and about. Freddy is a rascally rogue.

He’s a good lad but he does like an impractical joke. Freddy is supposed to be up at Nana’s Tower but on the way he has turned all the signs in Triflora around. Freddy thinks that is pretty funny.

I don’t think Daniel and Davo will think its funny at all.

I shall have a talk with Freddy when he finally gets here.


Georgia and George look just like any other children. They do the things that other children do.

But they come from the Kingdom of Ice. They are Snow Babies.  The Snow People have come down from the very highest mountain for the Party and that means that there are a few problems. Everything they touch turns to ice or snow. The Snow People have been camped at the Edge of the Party Place in an Ice World of their own. Georgia and George are the only two children in Kingdom of Ice and they have had a good time watching everyone at the Party but they can’t touch any other children or animals or anything at all. If they do, it will turn to ICE immediately.

They have just one wish. They want to play with the other children. The Party is the only time of the Year that we have enough Magic around to do something about it. All the Witches gather in and around the Tower and they weave enough spells  for all the children of Triflora to play together safely for one whole day. No wonder there is so much singing, laughing and happiness on Children’s Day.

All Georgia and George have to do is walk in a straight line to the Bottom Door of the Tower. You can see how much snow they make on just a little walk! As soon as they get to the Bottom Door, they will meet the Magic of the Witches and it will be safe to touch anything and anyone they want. Just for one day.



The Tower is a very wonderful place. Children can light fires and never get burnt. They sit around and talk of many things.









In one of the rooms, Hannah is ready to cut your hair. Everything that happens in the Tower is protected by Magic on Children’s Day and that means that Hannah’s haircuts always work out just the way you want.  If you go and see Hannah, your hair will stay perfect all year long and you will not need a cut till the next Party.


The baby Fairies LOVE  Children’s Day. They come fluttering and flittering in through the windows to play.

I think a baby Night Wanderer is such a cute little thing. Today is the only day that they come out. For the rest of the year, you can only see a Night Wanderer late at night. They come when you are sleeping and wander through your Dreams making sure that all your dreams are as cute as they are.


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