The last day of the Party is an excellent day for Poppy. She is SO busy most of the time that she doesn’t very often just play – like children do.

On the Last Day of the Party, Poppy doesn’t do one single bit of cleaning up. She doesn’t do one single bit of detecting.

She goes ever so quietly out the back door and down the Garden to Nana’s Tree.

The Tree looks like a tree. It feels like a tree when you touch it.

But it is not really a Tree. Not the kind of tree you normally see in a garden. Poppy just puts her hand on the Tree and says Good Morning. Good Morning. Good Morning.  And a small door opens and lets her in. Straight into the bottom of Nana’s Tower. Only Rose, Poppy and Saffron can come in by this little door. The Last Day of the Party is Children’s Day and Poppy is, after all, just a Girl. Sometimes, she needs to just play with other children.


Children come from everywhere on Children’s Day. Poppy only sees some of them once a year on Party Day. Harriett of the Chickens and  Imelda Red Beret come up from the egg collecting to spend the day with Rose and Poppy.

Rose has even left her Dragons sleeping in the fire pits. The Old DragonMaster is looking after them. He gets very tired nowadays but on Day 5 he sends Rose off to the Tower to play.

Take a look at the Photographs we have of Children’s Day.

The Children do many things they can’t do on other days.

childsgarden00stevrich_0137 faerytalesofweir00shol_0119

Joyce spends all day cleaning the chimney. Noone knows why she wants to clean chimneys. She just loves it.

This is the ONLY day EVER that Cats find their way into Nana’s Tower. She so does not like Cats – but she lets them in on Children’s  Day.


The little Prince Orson is not the easiest of the Children. He SULKS! When he’s at home, all the grownups try to make him happy but he just sulks even more. Its better when he is with a lot of other Children. They will take of his Prince’s clothes and let him wear ordinary things and play – just like a little boy. 

KATRINA AND Lilliana grabbed one foot each of  Malcolm Whitebeard. On Day 5, the Tower fills up with the very young and the very old. Malcolm comes to teach them and tell them the Old Stories but this year he decided he didn’t want to be bothered with the little ones . He called Nigel the Nutty Hawk to take him away. Up he went to the Tower Top Garden and Nigel the Nutter flew down low to get him.

No way !  said Katrina and Lilliana. You have stories to tell us !  NIgel tried very hard to fly off and Malcolm kept calling out  FLY! FLY! You Nutter !

But the girls did not let go of his feet and in the end Malcolm Whitebeard gave up. Nigel the Nutter flew away and Malcolm told stories all day long.

The Tower smells beautiful on Children’s Day.
The Flower Children are all over the Place with all the perfumes of the Gardens.
That’s Violet up there, smelling as pretty as a Flower.
flowerchildrenli00gord_0079 (1) nurserygarland00chea_0202
BITTERSWEET : One of Saffron’s best friends.

Saffron and al the Flower Children plant flowers all over the Tower Roof Garden. They throw seeds from the very top of Nana’s Tower. That’s why you sometimes see a flower growing just where you didn’t expect it.

peacockwishingfa00ingr_0031 peepsreallytruly00coxmiala_0035

Portia and Phillipe are Butterfly Children. They take their friends for rides. Every now and then, there’s a whoosh in a Tower Room and it’s a butterfly being ridden much too fast.

Swansea of the Swallows flew in with her baby swallows. She is a good friend of the Rose.


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