Day 5 is almost over. Most things are cleaned up and Poppy’s Place is ready for the next year. Gardens are planted and people are hugging and kissing and crying and getting ready to go Home.

All day long, the Children in Nana’s Tower have been making more than enough music to keep Trouble away.

It has been a wonderful party. Saffron and the Flower Children have planted 100s of flowers on the roof of the Tower to surprise Nana.

Soon they will be going back to their own Gardens. Saffron wants to cry when she says goodbye to them all.


Penelope has asked Quinius to come and live with her. Quinius doesn’t much like the idea of living in a Castle.

He’s all dressed up for the Party but he will be very glad to get home and take off all his clothing and run around in the Jungle like he usually does.

Penelope does NOT want to run around all niggedy in the Jungle – not at all.  She likes living in her Castle.

They argue about this at EVERY party.

canadianwonder00macmrich_0105 (1)

Robertino  would LOVE to live in a Castle. Everyone is wondering how to get him to come home because he just sits there – waiting to be asked to come and live in the Castle with Penelope.

Robertino likes to be dressed in fancy clothes ALL THE TIME.

Robertino likes to have lots of servants to do all the work.

Penelope is NEVER going to ask Robertino to come and live in the Castle.

Poppy just says You are NOT leaving Robertino at MY Place !


Many different things happen at parties and this is a particularly BIG party. That means that MANY, MANY, MANY different things happen.

Parties are not all dancing and singing and eating.

Things get talked about at the Party for No Reason at All.

People fall in love and out of love at the Party.

People make new friends and learn new things.

There is more to a Party than you might think.

A lot of NEWS gets passed on at Parties.

As you know, the Cats have spent Day 5 in Nana’s Tower. They have purred and chatted and passed on News. No Cat expected the News that Red Stripe had to tell them. It was about Lilli Pilli.

cat on moonLilliPilli –Daisy Dojigger has been fiddling on her fiddle all Party Long. Its because of Lilli Pilli that the Flower Children’s colours were so very beautiful.

Not once did LilliPilli say one sad thing or one angry thing. She smiled and laughed and everyone she met felt like they had been sprinkled with the perfume of the flowers.


LilliPilli did NOT tell anyone that she had nowhere to go Home to when the Party was over.


But Red Stripe had gone looking for her before the Party. Red Stripe was going to walk to the Party with LilliPilli because the Cats LOVE her and she loves them.  Red Stripe looked near the Faraway Tree where LilliPilli lived and he did NOT  like what he saw. It was a pretty good Cottage and it was near the Faraway Tree but LilliPilli did not open the door when Red Stripe miaowed. LilliPilli did not come to the window when Red Stripe jumped up and called out for her.


Red Stripe found her in a little room at the bottom of the Cottage. She didn’t even have one piece of her furniture in the Room. He had never seen Lilli Pilli look so sad. Her violin was not there. Her hats were not there. There were NO pictures on the Wall. She did not even have a chair to sit on.  What is going on ?


Well – let me tell you one thing. The Cats will find out what’s happening and they will do something about it !



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