People who live in or come from Arizona are referred to as Arizonans. According to A Book of Nicknames, by John Goff, published in 1892, Arizonans were sometimes referred to as “Sand Cutters” by people from outside the state, but it is not clear how this nickname for the people of Arizona came to be.


While Gert and the other Triflorians were getting their act together, Grannie Moo was preparing for her Adventure. She is going all the way to Phoenix. Before they found the Doorway in the Bush, Grannie thought she would have to fly all the way across the World up There. It would have taken her days and days. Not that she would have minded. Grannie would do ANYTHING for the Children. Anything AT ALL.

But: Boy, was she pleased when Poppy and Saffron told her about the Doorway into Arizona?

Before they found the Doorway, Grannie Moo thought that she and Brynn and Caden would have to search for DAYS to find the way into Triflora.

Now, she will just have to show them the Doorway and with a bit of whirling and swirling of their molecules, all three of them will be able to come and go whenever they want.

Grannie thinks that Brynn and Caden will be rather surprised when she is not at the Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. She doesn’t know, just yet, WHERE exactly the Doorway into Phoenix, Arizona, will open but she is very sure that there will be a surprise or two when she doesn’t get off that plane.


Grannie Moo had just about finished her packing when Cassandra arrived with a ceramic container she had made herself. On top of the container, was a Phoenix.  Grannie couldn’t quite see why she needed to carry a ceramic container to Arizona but Cassandra said that she MUST take it.

Grannie trusts Cassandra so she is taking the Container even if she has to leave everything else behind.


Triflora is so excited about the Sand Cutter Children and Grannie Moo that Ernie and Boris have come by in their automobile to take Grannie to the Bush. There are not many automobiles in Triflora and there are not many roads.

The automobile bounced and banged so much that Grannie’s suitcase fell right off the back and all she was left with was the Phoenix Container and the clothes she was wearing.

She was pretty shaken about by the time the automobile reached the Doorway into Arizona and she was most surprised to see so many People and Creatures and Beings standing by the Road and all around the Doorway.  Just to wave her off and wish her Good Luck.

Come back, soon, Grannie Moo! Bring the Children as fast as you can, Grannie! Have a good time in Arizona!


Grannie climbed down from the back seat – rather shaken up. Remember that it takes 3 people to whisper Triflora and open the Doorways. Poppy and Saffron came up to her and took her to the Exit. All 3 whispered TRIFLORA at exactly the same time and the 3 Guardians opened the Way. Molecules whirled and Molecules swirled and Grannie popped right on through into Arizona.







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