“ Oh no! What have we done? The poor men!”

aesopsfables00aesorich_0053Berenice and Boy Brunosky went out in the Woods today. They were in the BEARABLE FOREST. Nowhere near the UNBEARABLE FOREST.

They were just out walking.

Berenice and Boy Brunosky were singing  as they walked along.

Perhaps they are not the sweetest singers of the Bear World but they ARE very sweet Bears.

Anyhows, along they went. Singing  and laughing. They know some good jokes, those two.


Here is one of their favourite jokes :

A little girl with a red riding hood walked up to a house in the Woods and knocked on the door.

3 bears answered the door.

“Does my Grandma live here ? “ she said.

“Yes. “ said the Bears, “ It’s a 2 storey house !!! “

The problem was that the singing and laughing didn’t sound as good to the Forest Men as it did to the Bears.  Ferris and Colin were out wandering around pretending to have real guns when they heard the Two Bears coming.

The ground shook with the laughter of the Bears.

The Trees blocked their branches trying not to hear the Singing which was not a pretty thing to hear – at all.

The little animals scampered off to other places for a while and the birds and flying beings took off for Poppy’s Place for a Cup of Pick me Up Tea.

Ferris and Colin were taken by surprise. They had NEVER heard such a noise before.  Ferris fell face down on the ground and wished his gun was loaded with bullets instead of Sprinkle Water for the Forest.

Colin skedaddled up  a tree and hoped that he was invisible.

Brunosky and his Mum took one good look at Ferris and freaked out. They are the kindest of creatures. They would never harm a single thing. But they had been through this before.

“Whoops!  Whoops! We’ve done it again!”

One thing that Boy Brunosky and Berenice knew was to keep their paws off  the Forest Men. People don’t listen properly to large shaggy Bears trying to apologise. This was a matter for Nana Dolores. Nana Dolores is probably the Daggiest Being in the whole of Triflora. She certainly drinks more Honey Mead than anyone else. aesopsfablesnewv00aeso_0050

In the middle of the Unbearable Forest lives one of the Brightest Beings in Triflora. That’s Mumma Kate. She looks after the Troubled Bears and other Creatures with Problems.

And right there in the middle of the beautiful Bearable Forest – is Nana Dolores. She’s never been seen to wear shoes.  She wears the same clothes every day and every night. She cusses and smokes a pipe of Grumble Weed. But she does take care of the Untroubled Bears and other Creatures. Dolores was enjoying the singing and the laughing. After a Jar of Honey Mead, she enjoyed most things. She sat out front of her place at the bottom of her Tree and settled down to have a good afternoon.

Then she saw Ferris and Colin heading deeper into the Woods.

“ Now, that is going to be funny!”

said Dolores to herself, and chuckled. She picked up a very big jar of Honey Mead and walked into the Forest after the Bears and the Forest Men.

Nothing like Honey Mead to calm things down.

(It hardly seems fair that Irene who is such a lunatic, has a lovely voice but life is like that sometimes.)


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