You may have noticed by now that there is a lot of tea drinking going on in Triflora.

You may have also noticed that Nana is rather bossy. Bossy isn’t quite the right word. She just looks at people and raises one eyebrow.

When she does that, Cats quietly leave.

When she does that, people drinking coffee decide that coffee is not really very delicious after all. They find themselves asking for a cup of tea instead.


Nana says that it was Coffee that did this to her old friend, Doris Quibbly. Doris doesn’t live like ordinary people anymore. She is WIRED. Wired all the time and it’s been 96 years and 2 months since she drank any coffee at all. Doris lives in the Witches’ Home.



Tea, on the other hand, does not make people WIRED at all. Andrew Haymaker drinks one cup of tea every day. He works very hard in Triflora. He collects HAY. Hay feeds the horses and the donkeys and the mules and the unicorns. Hay is kind of like dried grass.  Mervyn the Piper collected Hay when he was a very young man and he had a big blue hay cart but noone has seen him for many years.

Andrew Haymaker has made and collected all sorts of Hay every day of his life and every day of his life, he drinks that one cup of tea.  He has a very ordinary haycart and a good old horse who has one cup of tea a day with Andrew.  This is what Andrew Haymaker and Baxter, the horse, say each day when they are drinking their cup of tea;

“One cup a day and one load of hay!”

They say and do the same things EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES. They like routine.



Phil and Patrick are the Honey Gatherers for Triflora.

Well. They are not the ONLY Honey Gatherers. They are not the biggest Honey Gatherers.

They are the ones who gather Honey for Wizzy.

He does not like sugar. He only likes honey in his tea.

There is plenty of honey in the Bearable Forest. Its easy to gather that honey and most people think it is beautiful honey.

But Wizzy ONLY likes the Honey near Mumma Kate’s place right in the middle of the Unbearable Forest.

Phil and Patrick would do anything for Wizzy – even go past Irene and Jarvis to get the Honey.

Come on, Irene. Leave them alone. You know you cannot stop them. They have the magic of young Wizards.


Best have a cup of tea now and head off to bed.

I think Young Froggy’s Mum will be drinking plenty of tea after the shock she had today when Young Froggy said he was going away to find a girlfriend.

She KNOWS what can happen to Frogs when they kiss real Girls.

Mumma Frog didn’t even know that he liked Girls. Its been quite a surprising day for her. Fill that teapot up, Mumma Frog. You just might need it !


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