SAFFRON likes walking about the Village. She dresses up smartly and takes herself out for the day.

She looks at this and she looks at that. She feels the Sun warm her up and the Wind blow gently on her cheeks. Just this week, she started out on her walk. The leaves had fallen from the trees because it was Autumn. She wore her new coat that Aunt Lindsey had given her and the pink hat Mumma Kate gave her when she was a tiny baby.

Saffron felt something push her in the back. She thought it was the Wind. It knocked her good pink hat right off her red hair.  It blew her McLean Scarf all round her neck.

“I can feel you pushing me!”  said Saffron.  Now, we all know that Saffron can talk to anything or anyone and they understand her and she understands them BUT the voice that answered her was NOT the Voice of the Wind. 


Saffron had heard that voice before. It called her when she was in her bed at night. It whispered to her when she was with her friends. The Voice was beautiful and soft and very soft. But it was SAD.

Saffron could hear it but she could not figure out what it was saying to her. She DID want to help the Voice but she didn’t know what to do. Even Brightee ( her baby doll) didn’t know what to do.


Saffron took the path through the Village to last tree in town. She needed someone to talk to and the best one she could think of was Orang-Outan.  Orang-Outan totally refused to go back to live in the Jungle. She liked the Village. She liked tea and drank coffee in secret. She had built a treehouse in her tree and made curtains for the window. Saffron loved Orang-Outan and often dropped in for a glass of Milk.

She told Orang-Outan about the thing pushing her and about the Voice.

She told Ourang-Outan that the Voice was a beautiful Voice and very soft and very sad.


“ Let me speak to Margay.”  said Orang. Saffron had not met Margray before. It turned out that Margray was invisible most of the time. He could appear and disappear whenever he chose.

Margray and Orang-Outan whispered together for a little while.

naturalhistorypi00wood_0136 Saffron is a very interested person. She finds most things INTERESTING.

She was EXTREMELY interested when another animal appeared.

Good Morning, Oto. We need your help. “

Saffron was very interested when Orang-Outan, Margray and Otocyon all whispered together. After a little while, the three of them sat down with Saffron and began to tell her what they knew about the Voice.

Let me tell you what they knew. Orang, Margray and Oto are all  Shimmer Animals. That means they come and they go. They appear and then they disappear. Sometimes when they disappear, they meet other Beings who can come and go and appear and disappear. Mostly, they all know one another quite well. When they pass in the Shimmering , they say Hello and wave. Sometimes, they become good friends.

Lately they had been seeing someone they had never seen in the Shimmering before. It was a very beautiful Lady. She had a sad face and sad eyes and she was always alone. Most of the time, she was Pale – VERY Pale. But she didn’t stay that way. Suddenly she would turn black and white. Sometimes she would become so colourful that the Shimmer almost burst into flames. She seemed to disappear when she didn’t mean to and appear when she didn’t mean to. They had tried to help her but they didn’t know how because they never knew where she would be or how bright she would be.

Now Saffron really has something interesting to think about. Best she go and find Poppy. She’s the Detective and this sounds like the Pastel Lady. But something is very wrong.







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