Saffron took herself off to find Poppy and tell her about the SHIMMERING ANIMALS and the Voice. Saffron was pretty sure that the Voice belonged to the Pastel Lady and everyone had been looking for her since the Party.

Oto and Margray left Orang-Outan’s treehouse and went off into the Shimmering  to look for Pastel Lady.



Living in the Shimmering can be very confusing but most of the Shimmering Animals have been doing it for a long time and are very good at it.

They shimmer and shine and sparkle and twinkle.

They come and go when they choose.

The Shimmering Animals can be any size they choose

They lead very special lives but it is not easy to get them all together in one place at one time.  Nevertheless, Oto called them all to meet at Orang’s place with any news they had and any good ideas they might be able to think off.

The Eagle brought the Tortoise. Even in Shimmertime, noone could make the Tortoise move quickly so the Eagle just picked her up and flew her to the Village. The Shimmer Lion liked to spend most of his time sleeping and it took quite a few of his Friends to wake him up and get him moving.


Shimmertime was first discovered by Lady Sharlena Shalut. She began fading in and out whenever she looked into her mirror.

At first, Sharlena did not enjoy the experience of Shimmering but as time passed she grew to love it.

She became extremely good at Shimmering when and how she wanted.

There is noone, absolutely noone and nothing, who understands the Shimmering as well as Lady Sharlena Shalut. She is pretty much shimmered out these days and doesn’t see people very often – but the Shimmering Animals  are going to ask for her advice and her help because this is a very important Shimmering and all the Pastel People  are still sad.



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