When the Shimmering Animals were all sitting in front of the Mirror where they could see Lady Sharlena Shalut, they were most surprised to see another Lady there instead.

This was the Lady they had been talking about.

Where is Sharlena Shalut ?

The new Lady shimmered a little.  She faded in for a moment and out for a moment. She changed colour and sparkled. The Animals were still rather worried but after a little while, she settled down and ….. my goodness  – she was WONDERFUL !

The Animals had a lot of questions! The questions tumbled out all over the place until the Lady stepped right out of the Mirror and sat down with the Animals. She talked with them for a  very long time and told them many things.

Sharlena Shalut was now so old that she wanted to stay in the Shimmering and just rest. And think. So she had called the Pastel Lady in to see how good she was at Shimmering. Sharlena was worried about the Shimmerers and she just forgot about the Pastel People.

Sharlena did not once think that maybe the Pastel Lady might get a bit of a fright or that the Pastel People would want their Lady back.

Sharlena did not once think about all the sadness she was causing. She did not think about Poppy and most of Triflora working hard to find the Lost lady.

People get like Sharlena Shalut sometimes, when they have been Boss for many long years.

Sharlena didn’t mean any harm and she certainly was surprised when the Pastel Lady had so much trouble Shimmering that she almost exploded once or twice.  It took weeks and weeks to teach the Pastel Lady how to handle her Shimmering but she says she is pretty good at it now.  Sharlena can take time out. The Shimmering has a new Lady and the only ones still sad are the Pastel People. They LOVE their Lady.


I do believe I forgot to tell you the name of the Lady. Her name is Petrina Shalut. That’s right ! Shalut!

She is Sharlena’s daughter. Shimmerer babies are very tricky indeed. They are hardly there at all when they are born and noone knows when they will just shimmer off and never be seen again. 

Most Shimmerer babies live with their father far away from the Shimmering and the mothers don’t visit very often because that’s when the Babies can just take off to anyplace in Triflora.

It can take years for a Shimmerer mother to find her child again.  Sharlena left Petrina with her Dadda who was a very good man of the Tinykins People. Petrina had dolls and toys and a very comfortable bed. She loved her Dadda and sometimes they went fishing. 

Then one day, Sharlena was missing her family so much that she came for a visit. Just a little visit. But the Shimmering got a hold on Petrina and in a flash she was gone and neither Sharlena nor Dadda Troy had been able to find her again.


Petrina had, in fact, shimmered her way into the Land of the Pastel People. That was a very good place for her to land. The Pastel People are gentle and kind and they LOVED the new baby from the very beginning. She was a little more colourful than they were used to. She sang a little louder and danced a lot more than they did. The Pastel People thought she would stay forever.

She DID stay till she was grown up but she was born a Shimmerer and a day came when she shimmered right into Sharlena’s mirror.

Its funny how Mummas and Children know each other at first sight. Sometimes. Sharlena needed to rest and the Shimmering needed a new Lady and even though she loved her Pastel People, Petrina knew that she had to leave them and take over her mother’s work. She did think she would be able to go back and talk to them long before this but noone expected her to be so bad at Shimmering. She could not go near the Pastel People while she was sparking and flashing and glowing like fireworks.

Now it is time for her to talk to the Pastellians.




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