Nana has decided to go out to Mumma Kate’s for the day. That’s an easy thing for her to do. Nana goes pretty much wherever she wants to.

But Krazy Klaud is being a nuisance as usual. He has the idea that he is King of Triflora. Noone knows when he went Krazy but Krazy he is.

“You are NOT going into the Unbearable Forest!”  says Klaud.

Poop to you!”  says Nana.

The Rose and the Poppy often look at Nana and waggle their fingers at her and say ; “Nana Words!!!!!!!”

But even the two girls say “Poop” to Klaud. He’s too crazy to be polite to.

Nana has a bag of goodies packed for the day. She’s flying in to Mumma Kate’s this time. Nana has several ways in which she can travel but its hard to beat flying on that old Broomstick. A bit old fashioned perhaps but Nana is fond of it. She just wishes it weren’t white. Nana does not like WHITE.

There are days when she knows just how the Impkins feel about all those WHITE cranes.


Nana loves her days visiting Mumma Kate and Saffron. Some days they see Wobblies and Goannas.

Kate makes lunch. She  makes the same thing for Saffron as she does for Nana and bosses them both around.

It’s a rather good flight out along the river. Nana’s broomstick doesn’t fly very high and had a few problems stopping in any kind of hurry so she just cruises a little way above the water and waves to the Fish and Mer People if she’s in a good mood.

Today is MayDay and Nana loves MayDay. It’s a very good day to visit Family.


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