I don’t much enjoy adventures anymore. I’m a Nana and I am very old. I like to sit in my Tower Room and watch the Passing Parade.  Actually, only the Flying Things pass this room. I always have Birds around me and I NEVER close the window. I like the birds to come in and feel right at home.

When I want to see the rest of the Passing Parade, I have to go downstairs. Wonderful things pass by there.

Some not so wonderful things pass by as well.


My favourite things are the little ordinary things that pass by.  Like the PostPerson. Mickey is the Post Person. She is a little busy  at times and the Post gets held up while she delivers Pizzas or counts the number of Beings in Triflora. Mickey doesn’t deliver mail to me very often. I think the Post is old-fashioned.

Today was different. I heard Mickey’s Aquavespa coming from miles off. That machine can do almost anything. It flew straight up to my window and hovered there.

Postcard for you !


Shouted Mickey and skimmed it through the open window. Off she went. That’s two postcards this week ! One from the Grunkles who are riding Mules and climbing 900 steps every day to look at ‘things’ on the other side of Triflora.

This postcard is from the SandCutters all the way over in Phoenix.   Grannie Moo says;

Brynn my seven year old granddaughter has sent you a drawing of Triflora in Phoenix and swears that she has seen it. The yellow ball is the entrance, the orange bits the mountains far away and the brown bits the dusty land.

I might not like the Mail very much but I do like postcards!



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