An ordinary day in Nana’s Tower.

She gets up when the Sun begins to smile across the edge of Triflora. Nana is very fond of windows and there are windows all round her bedroom.

As soon as they see the wild, white hair at the window on the Ocean Side, the Crows fly on down and wake the chooks and the chickens and especially the Rooster. Nana is a Bird Woman and she likes to hear them when she first wakes up.

She doesn’t know that they all get up and sing and chirrup and cock-a-doodle-do just for her.

“Morning, Birds.”


Nana has one cup of white tea from the Peak of the Mountains of the Lotus for breakfast.  EVERY morning.

Nana has one bagel with her tea. EVERY morning.

Except for that morning when Morton got to her bagel before anyone could stop him. That was NOT a happy start to a day.


As soon as he hears Nana moving about in her room, Wallace comes knocking. Nana is very fond of Wallace but she is definitely NOT fond of early morning visits. She likes to have time to get her head together and she can’t do that with Wallace there.

Wallace tries to get in EVERY morning and EVERY morning, Nana ignores him.

Every morning, Wallace gives up and goes off to Wizzy’s Tower where he knows he will be asked in and given a most delicious breakfast.

Wallace wonders why he still likes Nana – but he does!


The frogs and the birds have nothing to worry about. They are welcome at Nana’s anytime at all. As soon as they hear that she is up and about, they come a-visiting. 

The frogs and the birds bring all the news from the Village.

Ordinary days in Nana’s Tower are very good days. She sprinkles bird seed on the windowsills and knows just how to make a frog happy.

There is always a pond at Nana’s Tower. She knows that Frogs like to have water close at hand.



Almost every morning, Melrose and McMahon, turn up for a game of Duck Tennis. They like to stay in shape and they don’t look bad for Ducks of their Age. Nana’s Tower is the only place they can play without shoes on. The Tower has storey upon storey upon storey. Each storey has room beside room beside room. It’s the 2nd Floor that Melrose and McMahon visit. 4th room along.  The sign on the door says ;




NANA’s Tower looks pretty plain from the Outside. Just a stone tower with some windows and a little sign over the front doorway.

The sign says “ nana”.

Inside the Tower does not look plain at all. If you have won a place in Nana’s heart and you can find the doorway with the little “nana” sign AND you can get past her Minders – then you can come right inside and see what a wonderful Tower it really is.

Peter Pig is one of Casey’s Pigs.  As you know Casey is really Cassandra, the Bassi Plu of Triflora. She can see the future and the Pink Flying Pigs are her most especial helpers. Peter thinks of himself as a Spy and goes to great lengths not to be seen. Nobody wants to tell him that a pink pig with wings still looks like a Pink Pig even when they wear raincoats and try to act thin. He sneaks into the tower and straight up to the MUD WALLOW on the 3rd Floor whenever he has a message for Nana from Bassi Plu.





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