Triple Bay is where the ships come in from the oceans and the seas.

childrhymes00rileiala_0125 The 5 Seafaring Lads spent most days down at the edge of the Bay. They never wore shoes. The 5 Seafaring Lads waited for the ships and boats to come in.

They liked to listen to the tales of the sea.

They liked to see the things that the ships brought in.

They liked to watch them loading up and sailing away.

The 5 Seafaring Lads simply loved the water and the boats.

One day, they disappeared.

We think that they went on one of the ships but no news was heard of them until the postcards began to arrive from all over Triflora.

The postcards came on ships and boats.

The  Birds flew in with postcards.

Fairies and Mermaids and all manner of Beings brought Postcards to Poppy’s Place and Poppy pinned some of them to the Noticeboard and kept hundreds of them in a big box so that People could look at them

This is the address on all of the postcards.


Nobody knew that the 5 Lads could even write. They had never been to the Village School. Nobody had ever seen them with a book or a pen or paper. Nobody had even seen them use a mobile phone or a computer. But the Lads DO know how to send postcards. Somehow.

And they do write very interesting descriptions of their travels.


Hello Everyone.
Hope you are all well.
This is the Castle of Crumbledon. 
It looks like its crumbling down but the people say its been like that forever.
Love from the 5 Seafaring Lads.


Pixtures of the Lads before they went away.

childrhymes00rileiala_0063LARRY THE LARRIKIN LAD dreaming of sailing the Unfound Sea.
childrhymes00rileiala_0055STANLEY THE STURDY LAD wondering where the Creek went when it met the Bay. childrhymes00rileiala_0051BILLYBOY THE BOUNCING LAD listening to stories of ships with his Grandfather William.
rileychildrhymes05rile_0033CHARLIE THE CHEERY LAD making plans with his Grandfather Chuck. treasuryofpleasu00cundiala_0042TONY THE TRADING LAD wondering what treasures he would discover at Sea.

And the Postcards keep on coming.



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