A little Little Boy by the name of Toby took himself off one day from the Village and managed to lose himself in the Impchkin Forest.

Now, Toby was known to complain.

He complained about almost everything.

He complained almost all the time.

He complained to everyone that he met.

He had taken himself off from the Village because he didn’t like his breakfast. He had  complained to Mumma Jo and Mad O’Brian about it and they just said;


He was very shocked and went to complain to Dadda Jai and Mumma Kate but he took one look at their irritated faces and decided to go and get lost instead. “

That’s just what he did. He got himself really lost. He thought someone would come looking for him but nobody did.  He kept complaining to himself about the people he had to live with and the food he had to eat. Then he started to complain to himself about being lost, and tired, and hungry and thirsty. 

When it started to get dark and he found himself in the middle of a Forest, he really started to whinge and whine. He was also rather afraid.

Round about then he saw a light coming towards him.

“ Get up, Toby the Growler, and follow me!”

Toby was about to complain about being called a Growler but he thought better of it. He didn’t know any other way to get out of the Forest so he took a closer look at the Light. It was being held by a tiny little Man. Impchkin Ian was his name. He was crooked and he had a crooked walking stick and his bottom lip stuck out.

“ Get up, Toby the Growler, and follow me!

I will show you some Beings who really do have something to complain about but they don’t whinge like you.”


bookofwonder00duns_0019 countrydwarfs01chaigoog_0241

Zretazoola found a head. The head was still alive and talking. Zretazoola really didn’t know what to do with a Head. Now, that’s a REAL problem.

The Goat, the Chicken and the Parrot have found a Fallen Idol. That’s the little fella lying on the Ground. They have tried to stand the Fallen Idol up but it just won’t stay up. That’s a real problem.

diaryofgoosegirl00wiggrich_0051 fairytales00labo_0015

Lavinia and Louisa have a little Cottage in the Village. Everything looks pretty good at their place until you meet Albertina. Albertina is their sister. Unfortunately, she is becoming more and more like a cat as she grows older. She was warned when she was little to stop being so Catty ( so mean and nasty to other people) but she would not stop. Now the only thing that’s really left of the old Albertina is her voice. Problem is – she still hasn’t learned her lesson. She is still Catty to people. Her sisters try to keep out of her way because she says such mean things to them and leaves fur all over the furniture. She is a big Problem for her sisters.

Any REAL Cat would be ashamed to speak or behave the way Albertina does.

Charmaine truly has a problem. She’s not complaining about it but that could be because she is unconscious. Charmaine is the daughter of a Witch. Charmaine is supposed to be a witch, herself but she HATES witchery. She’s afraid of flying broomsticks and she doesn’t know one single magic spell.

Her mother, Charmaginia, STILL wants Charmaine to be a witch and she will not stop trying to teach her how to be one. Charmaine hates being tied to her mother’s broomstick. She almost always passes out. 

When two people want two very different things, then you really have problems.

fairytales00labo_0185 fairytales00labo2_0031

The MerryMen have a new neighbour.  Take a look at that for a neighbour when you’re feeling sorry for yourself.

The Neighbour is huge and he has a good heart. He is what we call”Helpful”. The problem is that his help always goes wrong. He treads on people without meaning to. And not just on their toes. He gives people a lift – but not to where they want to go.

Impchkin Ian showed Toby some Beings with Problems. Then he took him to his treehouse in the Impchkin Forest and made him a bed and something to eat.

“No growling tonight, Toby! You have lessons to learn tomorrow.”









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