The things we wear


Here in Triflora, there are so many Beings and so many places that all kinds of clothes and shoes are needed. Some are woven from spider silk. Some are made from the fine cottons of the Garden. Some are spun from seaweeds and coral threads.

Down here in Triflora, Beings do all kinds of things. They fly and they walk on their hands and they live deep under the Sea. It is very important that their clothes are just right for whatever it is that they are doing.

Here are a few of the things we wear and use in Triflora.

Nana does not like SUITS. She tried to get them banned from Triflora but too many people wanted to keep wearing SUITS and they kept right on wearing them no matter what she said.

The best place to get a suit is from STANLEY STANHOPE.  He knows just what a suit needs to be like and tailors them specially for you. This is his motto:


Stanley Stanhope once dressed the Lions of Triflora. That was before they grew fur of their own.  Now he simply makes suits but he still uses a Lion in his advertisements.

clowncircusdog00vima_0086 froliegrasshoppe00ameriala_0010

izzyClowns’ Clothing is also made by the 4 Grasshoppers.

Clowns need Tough clothing too and most clowns have soft hearts.  

The 4 Grasshoppers get their strength from Oats.  They need strength because they make almost all the safety clothing for the Insects of Triflora. Here they are, dressed in their own Golden Hopper Suits. Insects usually have very soft bodies and the 4 Grasshoppers make Strong Clothing for Soft Hearts.



The 4 Grasshoppers ONLY make clothes for Insects and Clowns. They will not make clothes for anyone else at all.

All the rest of the Circus clothes are made by the CLOWNS.

lesjeuxducirquee00lerouoft_0231A clown will never make his or her own clothes but they certainly make great clothes  for the other Circus People.

Here is their motto:





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