Up on the 3rd Tower in the Perfumed Garden, the Tiny, Tiny birds are learning to fly.  Its always a bit of a worry for the grown-ups. They worry that the Tin, Tiny Birds will fly off the edge and fall to the ground. They worry about all sorts of things when their children begin to fly.

The Grownup birds yabber yabber yabber, telling the children how to do it.

The Grownup Birds chitter chitter chitter telling them things they must not do.

There is really no need to worry at all.

The Spiders have woven silken nets  all around the Tower Top and no Tiny Tony Bird has ever fallen over the edge.


Sometimes you can hear the tip tip tap tap of the baby woodpeckers being taught to peck. The Woodpeckers make their own Music. Its called Peckussion.

Trouble  really dislikes Peckussion and that’s a good thing for Triflora.  When the Peckers start into pecking, the tip tap goes right through the ground and under the ice and into the Cave of Trouble. She HATES the sound of it. She hates  the sound even more when the Tiny Peckers are learning to peck.


Down in the Garden amongst the Sheep, Amelia is digging a well. Amelia is very tiny indeed. Noone knows what kind of animal she is and sometimes her enormous eyes look sad. She says she is not lonesome but she looks lonely to me.

Amelia likes living in the 3rd Tower. She feels safe there. She has her own room and the food is just lovely. The only thing Amelia is not quite happy about is the Water.

All the water in Trifloran wells is crystal and sweet.

All the water in Trifloran wells is good for you.

But maybe not for Amelia.  She is looking for something different and only she knows what it is.  We think its something to do with her Bath because she wears her bath robe all the time, even when she is digging.

If you know what Amelia is looking for, do let us know. Perhaps we can help her.


The Tower Photographer was at 3rd Tower today. Everyone except for Amelia was dressed very smartly and hair and fur and feathers were brushed.

The tiny Beings of the 3rd Tower are very excited. They are planning to hang photographs along the corridors.

Tiny Beings are not always noticed by bigger Beings. Just wait until these photos come back. The Tiny Beings have ordered BLOWUPS and ENLARGEMENTS to give to their Friends in Triflora.

For sure, they will be noticed then.


rabbitscatscavie00lanerich_0159The Tiny Beings of the Tower are very proud of being so small but some of them have had  terrible frights out there in Triflora. Gustaf the Ghost Rabbit has almost been trodden on by 4329 people. His nerves are shattered.  He refused to go in the photo and he says he will NEVER leave the Tower again.


Fulmer Xenophon is a different matter. Fulmer doesn’t let his size stop him from trying everything. He is thinking of going across to live on Cat and Fiddle Island even though he is only as big as an ordinary Trifloran Cat’s clawnail.

Fulmer Xenophon is one courageous pussycat.






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