No. 6 : Be very OBSERVANT and notice something other Beings haven’t noticed.

aesopsfables00aeso_0010 (1)

Rose and Poppy and Nana and Saffron left the Tree of Wisdom and set out for their 6th Posarona.

They had decided to walk and they had decided to wear their “NOW YOU SEE ME – NOW YOU DON’T” cloaks.

Sometimes, its easier to notice things when things aren’t noticing you.

Sometimes, it is easier to notice things when you are walking quite slowly. And not chattering.

The POSARONAs walked for only a little while. They were passing a little cottage and outside they spotted this bunch of critters.

I will not tell you what they noticed. See if you can find it.

Next Posarona, they will be doing something about it.  Perhaps Poppy and her Detectives will do something before then.

Nana and Saffron and Rose and Poppy didn’t  let the Critters know that they had noticed anything at all. They just walked on. BUT THEY HAD NOTICED.


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