The three fairy friends

1 fairy Moving-picture-fairie-dancing-in-fairie-dust-animated-gifFROM POPPY.

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Once upon a time there lived three little fairies their names were Poppy, Rose and Lilly. They all lived in a big flower garden; they all were next door neighbors. They all made their houses out of sticks and flower petals.

But one day it was storming and Poppy went out with her wand to get some sticks for her fire. But a big gust of wind came and blew Poppy’s wand off the log she put it on.


So Poppy went round to Roses house and said “can you help me look for my wand” then Rose said” yes but how did you loose it.” I was outside getting sticks for my fire and a big gust of wind came and knocked it of the log I sat it on” said Poppy.

Right said Rose let’s go and tell Lilly what happened. So they went over to Lilly’s place and told her what happened Lilly said “well then what are we waiting for let’s go ask people if they have seen your wand”.

1 autobiographyofm00pain_0009When they got to Jumbo Park they saw a monkey in one of the trees so they went over and asked the monkey if he had seen a wand anywhere he said that he just saw a fairy called Kate that picked up one that flew towards the pearl beach.

So the three fairies went to pearl beach and saw Kate so they went and asked her if she had seen a wand anywhere.

Then Kate said she found a wand and gave it to her friend to give to her cousin because it is her cousin’s birthday tomorrow and she needed a new wand.

1 wandKate said to the fairies come on we need to get the wand back before tomorrow let’s ask some of my animal friends if they know where Bindie is. First they went to a butterfly’s house called Blossom but she didn’t know where Bindie was so they went to a frog’s place called Fred. He didn’t know where Bindie was either but he said to go and see if Greeny the grasshopper knew where she was.

So they went round to Greeny’s place and asked him if he new where Bindie was. Greeny said yes she just went to Jumbo Park thanks said the fairies and went to Jumbo Park.

When they got there they saw Bindie turning the sprinklers off so they went over to her and Kate said hello Bindie then Kate said you know that wand I gave you well I’m sorry but I didn’t know it was Poppy’s wand can I have it back Bindie said OK I’ll just buy a wand for my cousin.

So finally they all went home and Poppy got her wand back

1 FAIRIESjuly06 046Moving-picture-colorful-twinkling-sparkling-stars-animated-gifMoving-picture-colorful-twinkling-sparkling-stars-animated-gif[6]




Wizzy’s Tower has a very beautiful café because he does love his food. The café is on the ground floor just near the Menagerie. The Wiz experiments with recipes. Everything is totally Vegetarian and grown in the gardens of the Tower.

That is, unless he gets a bright idea about a new kind of food.

This week he has made a new bean soup.

Stanley seems to like it. However, Frank doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it at all.

60planchesdorfvr00eude_0087 60planchesdorfvr00eude_0161

The Wiz is very fussy about his Café. He has music playing and he wears a special café hat. He likes fancy plates and tableclothes.

Nana likes chatting to people at the café but she is not interested in getting the food ready and she doesn’t play music.

Mumma Kate and Dadda Jai, Mad O’Brian and Mumma Jo help with the food and the decorations.

Mumma Kate has a huge spoon that she waves at people who complain.

The café spreads from the bottom of the Wizzy’s Tower right across to Poppy’s place and has a swimming pool right in the middle. The Seashellians and the Mer People love to come up to the Café.

aesopsfables00aeso_0193 albumdeplanchesd00fred_0055

Freddie brings in the eggs from the Women. The café is famous for its eggs a la wiz.

The Café de Wiz even has a jetty where boats can sail up and stop in for a meal.

babysoperabookof00cran_0033 britishfreshwate01houg_0194

Mrs Bond feeds the ducks and brings their eggs up to the kitchens. She likes to pretend that its HER café and she puts a sign up saying THE TAKE INN. Every day, Horace takes the sign down and every morning, Mrs Bond puts it back up.

Lots of fish come to the Café as well. They know that nobody will try to catch them or eat them so they come bubbling up in the swimming pool and have something nice to eat.
buzzorganofbizzi00foxf_0010 cu31924002902306_0064

The Café has a very BIG menu. It has food for all kinds of Beings all through the day and the night. Horatio Horatius stands just inside the Main Door and hands out the Menus. He can speak almost every language in Triflora and knows more about food than anyone else at all.

Just ask him if you need help.

Bears like honey. We all know that but Edward prefers MILK. Edward loves milk. He drinks more milk than all the other Beings in the whole of Triflora. He grabs the milk of people’s tables. He sneaks it from the kitchen. Edward is a problem when it comes to MILK. He spills it all over his fur. He spills it all over the floor.

Its lucky that Edward is not very big.


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lesliesillustrat00newy_0001 froghewouldawooi00cald_0004


Down at Poppy’s Place, there is a very big noticeboard. Triflorians put all sorts of notices on it.  One thing they can put there is HELP NEEDED.

Any kind of problem. Any kind of help. That noticeboard is the place to look. If you have any ideas and know how to help, please write it in the COMMENTS box below.


As soon as I go outside, people can see straight through my clothes. I have tried everything I can think of but they can still see my butt.

Can anyone help me?

Toot the Sweet.



For Rami.

We are all stuck walking sideways and don’t know how to turn around or bend over.

Can anyone help?

babysownaesop00craniala_0022 babysownaesop00craniala_0033

Does anyone have a rooster to spare ?


britishgoblins00unkngoog_0006 costumeancients00hopegoog_0017
Has anyone seen the Old Woman of the Mountain? We think she might need HELP. Can anyone tell us whether or not Simon is a good snake catcher or a bad man ?
goblinschristmas00andeiala_0039 newbabyworldstor00dodg_0088


The 3rd moon is missing. Has anyone seen it ?

We have decided not to leave the house until someone brings us some MODERN clothes.





Larry Larjikins is a real muddle headed Larjikin baby, and the Larjikin Village was pretty fed up with him. Now, Wizzy is known to be very kind and so the Larjikins sent Larry over to the Tower and asked the F’Realies to see if they could do anything with him. 

The very first day that Larry was in the Tower, he tripped over and broke the Kitchen F’Realies’ favourite plates and radios. Larry says he was sleep walking but nobody is sure about that.

Wizzy thinks he might have to get the walls padded if Larry is going to stay there much longer.


For now, Wizzy has asked Mahalia from the 3rd Island to come to visit and take charge of Larry. Mahalia has had a lot of experience with Babies of all kinds. She will be drifting over the Bay soon as the wind picks up and lifts her veils.

Then Larry will find out what a 3rd Islander can do.

Noone can be clumsy around Mahalia. When she walks, she flows.

When she talks, her words ripple.

She will have Larry well coordinated before he knows what has happened to him.

We had best wait till tomorrow to look at the rest of the Tower. Its getting late.





Let’s take a look in Wizzy’s Tower. Wizzy says that he LOVES having people drop in but I am not sure that he does. He gets up to lots of different things in there and it is NOT easy to get in. Not easy at all.

Sometimes he has all the windows and doors locked and sometimes he puts traps all over the place. He hides things because he thinks someone might steal them.

Wizzy can be VERY suspicious. He has 121 F’Realies living in the Tower with him.


If you are very quiet, we can take a look around Wizzy’s Tower right now.  He does have a telescope. Up on the 15th level.  The Telly F’Realies take care of the Telescope. They are keeping count of the Flying Beings, watching for any changes in the skies and trying to find new colours and soft fluffy things. Wizzy is looking for many, many different kinds of shapes and sizes, all behind one another and leading to adventures and the Telly F’realies keep watch day and night.


The Woody F’Realies are especially strong. Wizzy sends them out into the Forests and the over the Bay to the Islands. Wizzy loves wood and is always looking for more. He says he needs wood to make his gardens and build his shelves. Wizzy is always talking about building something.

Before the Woody F’Realies came to live in the Tower, not much actually got built.  Wizzy was so busy that he never went out chopping up wood.

He wouldn’t use magic to get it either. Wiz is rather strange about when he will use magic and when he will not.

The Four Woody F’Realies think Wiz is very funny and they take good care of him.  He makes them laugh.

One of the things Wizzy has done is to build a MENAGERIE in his Tower. Almost everyone agrees that Menageries are NOT modern at all. A menagerie is a collection of wild animals. The collection is specially for SHOW.

Menageries have a bad name in the World up on Top. Mostly because the “Wild Animals” don’t have any choice at all. In Triflora, things are a bit different. Wizzy is a “PERFORMER” and the Critters in his Menagerie are plumb crazy about being there.  They are also  Performers. The Menagerie is on the Ground Floor and is most exotic. Wizzy loves Critters and they love him.

1 zoologicalgarden00peel_0001

Madriel’s Aviary is very colourful and he likes sitting on a branch and flourishing his tail feathers at the People who come to look at him.

These are two of the best performers in the Menagerie . They have a fabulous act where the Lion leaps across the creek with the Fox in his mouth and pretends to eat him.  It scares people half way to silly.

animalsinmenager00swai_0181 aesopinrhymewith00tayliala_0013

ERNIE is a bird of his very own. He sits on his branch in the menagerie and looks ARROGANT. That’s what he likes to do. Look Arrogant.

The only Critters who ever get locked up in the Menagerie are the SPRITES. Sprites are Spirits who are totally mixed up.  Sprites really enjoy spooking people and they try to mess up the Menagerie. Wizzy gets VERY upset with SPRITES.

animalsinmenager00swai_0173 cu31924013341049_0069

The SPRITES seem to like Wizzy’s Tower  more than any other place in Triflora and they really try to cause problems for him. They shimmer all through the Menagerie. They scare some of the Critters and irritate others.


Their cage very often has a sign on it saying “ NOONE HOME”. The Wanderoo Monkeys love to go a’wandering. Wizzy says that if they are not in the Menagerie 4 days a week, they will have to go back and live in the Forest over on 3rd Island.

cu31924013341049_0030 gardensmenagerie01benniala_0039

Shimmerers do some funny things. You know that already. Sherina liked to show off. She likes being in the Menagerie and showing visitors how clever she is.  Sherina IS one of the best Shimmerers of them all.  Her room in the Menagerie is filled with flowers and paintings and beautiful furniture. Sometimes she shimmers so fast that you cannot find her amongst the flowers and paintings.

Renata like to think that she is a normal REDLANDER but she is actually very old fashioned.

Wizzy has given her an enclosure of her own because he has a soft spot for Redlanders.

Renata is always dressed perfectly  and she loves having crowds come to watch her.

cu31924008752648_0044 childrenofotherd00moor_0021

The Jaguars come from 3rd island where it is very hot almost all the time. The keep a huge heater in their enclosure because they do not like being even a little bit cold.


The Esquimaux Dogs come from the Ice Lands and their enclosure is kept very cold. They are Friends of the Ice Girls.

gardensmenagerie01benniala_0113 gardensmenagerie01benniala_0045