Larry Larjikins is a real muddle headed Larjikin baby, and the Larjikin Village was pretty fed up with him. Now, Wizzy is known to be very kind and so the Larjikins sent Larry over to the Tower and asked the F’Realies to see if they could do anything with him. 

The very first day that Larry was in the Tower, he tripped over and broke the Kitchen F’Realies’ favourite plates and radios. Larry says he was sleep walking but nobody is sure about that.

Wizzy thinks he might have to get the walls padded if Larry is going to stay there much longer.


For now, Wizzy has asked Mahalia from the 3rd Island to come to visit and take charge of Larry. Mahalia has had a lot of experience with Babies of all kinds. She will be drifting over the Bay soon as the wind picks up and lifts her veils.

Then Larry will find out what a 3rd Islander can do.

Noone can be clumsy around Mahalia. When she walks, she flows.

When she talks, her words ripple.

She will have Larry well coordinated before he knows what has happened to him.

We had best wait till tomorrow to look at the rest of the Tower. Its getting late.




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