Wizzy’s Tower has a very beautiful café because he does love his food. The café is on the ground floor just near the Menagerie. The Wiz experiments with recipes. Everything is totally Vegetarian and grown in the gardens of the Tower.

That is, unless he gets a bright idea about a new kind of food.

This week he has made a new bean soup.

Stanley seems to like it. However, Frank doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it at all.

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The Wiz is very fussy about his Café. He has music playing and he wears a special café hat. He likes fancy plates and tableclothes.

Nana likes chatting to people at the café but she is not interested in getting the food ready and she doesn’t play music.

Mumma Kate and Dadda Jai, Mad O’Brian and Mumma Jo help with the food and the decorations.

Mumma Kate has a huge spoon that she waves at people who complain.

The café spreads from the bottom of the Wizzy’s Tower right across to Poppy’s place and has a swimming pool right in the middle. The Seashellians and the Mer People love to come up to the Café.

aesopsfables00aeso_0193 albumdeplanchesd00fred_0055

Freddie brings in the eggs from the Women. The café is famous for its eggs a la wiz.

The Café de Wiz even has a jetty where boats can sail up and stop in for a meal.

babysoperabookof00cran_0033 britishfreshwate01houg_0194

Mrs Bond feeds the ducks and brings their eggs up to the kitchens. She likes to pretend that its HER café and she puts a sign up saying THE TAKE INN. Every day, Horace takes the sign down and every morning, Mrs Bond puts it back up.

Lots of fish come to the Café as well. They know that nobody will try to catch them or eat them so they come bubbling up in the swimming pool and have something nice to eat.
buzzorganofbizzi00foxf_0010 cu31924002902306_0064

The Café has a very BIG menu. It has food for all kinds of Beings all through the day and the night. Horatio Horatius stands just inside the Main Door and hands out the Menus. He can speak almost every language in Triflora and knows more about food than anyone else at all.

Just ask him if you need help.

Bears like honey. We all know that but Edward prefers MILK. Edward loves milk. He drinks more milk than all the other Beings in the whole of Triflora. He grabs the milk of people’s tables. He sneaks it from the kitchen. Edward is a problem when it comes to MILK. He spills it all over his fur. He spills it all over the floor.

Its lucky that Edward is not very big.


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albumdeplanchesd00fred_0043 fairytalesofbrot00grim_0217
lesliesillustrat00newy_0001 froghewouldawooi00cald_0004

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