The three fairy friends

1 fairy Moving-picture-fairie-dancing-in-fairie-dust-animated-gifFROM POPPY.

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Once upon a time there lived three little fairies their names were Poppy, Rose and Lilly. They all lived in a big flower garden; they all were next door neighbors. They all made their houses out of sticks and flower petals.

But one day it was storming and Poppy went out with her wand to get some sticks for her fire. But a big gust of wind came and blew Poppy’s wand off the log she put it on.


So Poppy went round to Roses house and said “can you help me look for my wand” then Rose said” yes but how did you loose it.” I was outside getting sticks for my fire and a big gust of wind came and knocked it of the log I sat it on” said Poppy.

Right said Rose let’s go and tell Lilly what happened. So they went over to Lilly’s place and told her what happened Lilly said “well then what are we waiting for let’s go ask people if they have seen your wand”.

1 autobiographyofm00pain_0009When they got to Jumbo Park they saw a monkey in one of the trees so they went over and asked the monkey if he had seen a wand anywhere he said that he just saw a fairy called Kate that picked up one that flew towards the pearl beach.

So the three fairies went to pearl beach and saw Kate so they went and asked her if she had seen a wand anywhere.

Then Kate said she found a wand and gave it to her friend to give to her cousin because it is her cousin’s birthday tomorrow and she needed a new wand.

1 wandKate said to the fairies come on we need to get the wand back before tomorrow let’s ask some of my animal friends if they know where Bindie is. First they went to a butterfly’s house called Blossom but she didn’t know where Bindie was so they went to a frog’s place called Fred. He didn’t know where Bindie was either but he said to go and see if Greeny the grasshopper knew where she was.

So they went round to Greeny’s place and asked him if he new where Bindie was. Greeny said yes she just went to Jumbo Park thanks said the fairies and went to Jumbo Park.

When they got there they saw Bindie turning the sprinklers off so they went over to her and Kate said hello Bindie then Kate said you know that wand I gave you well I’m sorry but I didn’t know it was Poppy’s wand can I have it back Bindie said OK I’ll just buy a wand for my cousin.

So finally they all went home and Poppy got her wand back

1 FAIRIESjuly06 046Moving-picture-colorful-twinkling-sparkling-stars-animated-gifMoving-picture-colorful-twinkling-sparkling-stars-animated-gif[6]


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