Katniss and Sapphira by Kathy


Katniss and Sapphira by Kathy

              Once upon a time there was a species of dragon named Chrystal. They ruled thecelticdragonmyth00campuoft_0134 land for centuries and centuries on edge. Until a race of humans came and destroyed the dragons. All but two dragons were killed during the monstrous battle between human and dragon. The dragons that survived started to form a family again.

   One day a young woman named Katniss was out hunting for deer.All of a sudden a huge gust of wind brushed passed her and she looked up and spotted a dragon sitting on the branch above her. The dragon started to roar at her, then the dragon stretched his wings and flew away. Katniss knowing the dragon was a Chrystal followed the dragon back to its home there she discovered thousands and thousands of dragons.

    Katniss couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw all of those dragons. The dragons saw her and one of them walked right up to her and told her about their ancestors survival. The dragon then told her his name ”I am Sapphira,leader of all dragons.And what might be your name.” My name is Katniss”Katniss told Sapphira. Sapphira then let Katniss ride on her. Together they rode among the clouds.When they landed Sapphira asked Katniss to keep the fact that Crystals were still alive and ready for the next invasion by humans. Katniss promised that she would keep their secret safe and if she was to say anything they could eat her.Katniss then went home.

celticdragonmyth00campuoft_0010The next morning Katniss went back to the dragons den there was not a dragon to be seen or heard. Katniss was heartbroken she didn’t know what to do. So she started to look for them. Five hours later she finds them. They all rejoice. Sapphira insisted that Katniss lived with them.Eventually Katniss agreed and became Sapphira’s rider.

     Katniss was never seen again in the village. Katniss and Sapphira and all of the other dragons lived happily ever after till the village found them.     



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