Poppy’s Dadda is called Mad O’Brian. He has Wizard Magic.

Here are some of the stories about Mad O’Brian.


Let me tell you something that you might have forgotten.

Even on Triflora, things are not always happy.

Things are not all happy just now. Word is going around Triflora. Mad O’Brian is going away. Poppy is so sad that she wants to cry and cry.

Mad O’Brian is sad, too. He wants to cry and cry.

“Why is he going away ?” said Chatterer.

“ Well” said Weasel. “ Poppy’s Father is rather special and he has important  things to do. Grandpa Trebor is very sick and Mad O’Brian is going to help him.”

“What about Poppy?”

“Well” said Weasel. “ You know how brave Poppy is and how clever she is.  She will keep her shop open and take care of her detectives and every day, she will speak with her Father and soon they will be together again.”


Its times like this that EVERYONE has to help one another. Theadora Tinykins and her children are writing notes and sending them all over Triflora. This is what she has written on the notes:

Dear Tinykin Family,

Poppy is feeling very sad and Mad O”Brian is on a BIG adventure. Please keep your eyes out for them and try to make them happy again. 

Thank you very much, Theadora and Children


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