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Things are a bit muddled up in Triflora, as you know.  People are moving all over the place. Some people are sick and some are sad. A new baby is coming and  Mad O’Brian is on his way to becoming a REAL Magician.

Just at the moment, his magic is a little bit wobbly and rather frightening.

Saffron is never sure what he will do next and because she is a very little girl – sometimes she gets worried.


People are still worried about Poppy and  they are doing everything that they can think of to make her smile.

Red Riding Hood AND the Wolf have made friends with one another. Wolf is going to follow Mad O’Brian and help him out and Red Riding Hood is heading down to Poppy’s Place to help her run the Shop.

“Don’t worry!”says the Wolf. “We are all watching Mad O’Brian and every night at Midnight, I will send you a message. Just listen for the Wolf Calls from the Forest. “


Even at sea, the boats and ships are watching for the Mad O’Brian. The Admiral sailed right up to Poppy this week and told  her that he had seen her father ( Mad O’Brian) at the beach with Nana and Wizzy and Saffron and Mumma Kate.

The Admiral told Poppy that the Whales were keeping watch in the seas.



Saffron heard all the news but  she did not understand why Mad O’Brian was away  on this big adventure.

She wanted him to come back.

Poppy wanted him to come back.

But Mad O’Brian had important jobs to do.  He was becoming a Wizard.

He had lessons to learn and Magic to make. He was learning how to fly across the whole of Triflora.

He was taking care of Grandpa  Trebor.

Just the same, Saffron was NOT happy.


So,  where is Mad O’Brian going and what is he doing? The Admiral is supposed to look after all the ships but he has decided to follow the newest Wizard. He has found a camel to ride. The Camel does NOT want to be ridden. Everyone is trying to make the Camel stand still and let the Admiral get on but the Camel will NOT stand still.

“ STAND STILL!  STAND STILL!  Mad O’Brian needs our help !”