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Its easy to do something Outrageous but the Posaronas  do Outrageous things that make people happy. That’s not so easy to do.

The Posaronas do outrageous things that are Helpful. That’s not easy either.

They headed to Cat and Fiddle Island because Nana was going to do two outrageous things at once.

1. She was going to be very nice to the Cat. She knew that would make the Girls happy.

2. She was going to let the Cat teach her to play the Fiddle. That was outrageous because Nana doesn’t play any musical instruments at all – most especially she doesn’t play instruments with strings – EVER.

( Do not tell the Girls but Nana was smiling a little to herself because someone had told her that the strings on a fiddle were made from cat gut.  )

The Girls were on Cat and fiddle Island to have cloaks made by the TINYKINS. The Cloaks are called NOW YOU SEE ME-NOW YOU DON’T.


Up in the Ice, one of the Ice Bears has gone nuts. She has decided she is Queen of the Ice Bears.  Now, EVERYONE knows that Triflora does not have Queens and Kings. 

There are Beings who think they are KIngs or Queens.

There are Beings who were Kings and Queens before they came to Triflora.

There are Beings whose family had been Kings and Queens.


Triflora is what Nana calls – A DIVINE ANARCHY.

When someone won’t or can’t give up being a King or a Queen, they are given a home in the Royal Palace where they can wander about  and do whatever they like – just so long as they don’t go around bossing  anyone around getting uppity. They can even wear their crowns if they want.

The problem with the Ice Bear who thinks she is the Queen, is that she has talked the other Ice Bears into believing her. They are not thinking straight at all. As we all know Ice Bears can behave in the most peculiar ways.  It is going to take something OUTRAGEOUS to fix this one up and the Posonaras have an Outrageous Plan.


The trick is to get Beloise off the Ice and into the Royal Palace without causing any more problems than necessary.  Nana has decided to dress as an Ice Bear and play Music to Beloise while the Girls sneak up in their NOW YOU SEE ME NOW YOU DON’T Cloaks and lead that silly Ice Bear into a Bear Trap made of Spider Silk.

Nana didn’t get the hang of the Fiddle so the Cat has given her a little harp. It sounded so OUTRAGEOUS that Beloise just froze with shock when the Music started. When Nana started to sing as well as play the Harp, Beloise didn’t need to be tricked by the Cloaked Girls into the Bear Trap. She ran straight in and passed out. The 23 Flying Spiders flew off as fast as they could all the way to the Royal Palace where the thick stone walls protected all of them from the Singing and Harp Playing.

Whoa !! That was fully OUTRAGEOUS !  said the Bear and the Spiders.

The 3 Girls took the earplugs out of their ears, looked at one another and sighed:

Whoa! That was not just Outrageous. That was  HORRIFYING!

But they did not tell Nana. They just hugged her – Bear Suit and All – and said;

Well done ! Nana. Well done!  You are NOT  a Duffer after all – no matter what Mad O’Brian says.

Meanwhile,the Cat had put down the Fiddle and was tiptoeing away. The Cat didn’t want anyone to think it was her fault that Nana played the Harp like that. She thought she might just go and play with Savage Dogs for a while. It would be better than teaching Music to a little old lady who didn’t even say thank you.

TEACHING violin is never a lot of fun for someone who plays as well as the Cat does but its not usually this OUTRAGEOUS.






Three of the Critters who didn’t come to the Party for No Reason At All are the 3 Ice Bears. The Ice Bears are happiest at home in the Frozen places. They lie around on the Ice and swim deep in the icy waters. The Ice Bears don’t really think they need help from anyone but this time – THEY DO.

They can hardly sit up. Their tongues are swelling up in their mouths. They are so hot that even the ice is not cooling them down.  This time they DO need help. 


It was fortunate for the 3 Ice Bears that the White Peacock had been watching them for quite a while.  He had been sent by the Ice Girls because they had not heard ANY music from the Bears for days and days.

Now you all know that TROUBLE is just waiting for the Music to stop. Trouble is down underneath Triflora in a very horrible cave.

Just waiting. Just listening. Just planning .

Trouble is always looking for a way to come up top again and she can get up to some rather nasty tricks to do that.

One day the little grey fishes of the Ice brought a message down to Trouble. The Ice Bears were not singing. They were not practising their music at all. The Ice Bears have NEVER really been keen on Music. They only did it because they had been told about Trouble. It doesn’t work very well when you don’t LIKE Music and the Bears worked out an idea between the 3 of them.

It wasn’t a very good idea. It was the kind of idea people think up when they don’t want to do something. It was one of those ideas when you want to stop doing what :THEY” have told you to.

This was their idea  “ We will not do Music anymore. They told us to! But we don’t have to. Trouble is not going to come and bother us because we are big and strong and have very ferocious faces and huge claws. So we will not sing anymore and we will not play any instruments and we will be fine. We will not bother Trouble and Trouble will not bother us.”

The White Peacock heard them talking about their idea. Oh no! This is going to mean Trouble.”

Sure enough, Trouble was just under the Bears’ IceBerg and she had a fire blazing down there.  The Ice Bears were so hot they couldn’t move. Trouble sprinkled three poisons onto her fire and the poisonous smoke sneaked up through the cracks and into the eyes and noses and mouths of the Ice Bears.

White Peacock sent Madriel Peacock straight to the Ice Castle to tell them about the Bears’ IDEA.  The Girls were pretty angry but not surprised. They got the Boats ready and set out for the Bears’ Iceberg.


Now the White Peacock is no singer. If you have ever heard a peacock, you will know what I mean.  But he KNEW that Music was the only thing that would send Trouble away from fire and back down into the Nether Regions where she dwelt.

“Well, I only have to make music until the ice girls get here. I can do that! I hope I can do that!”

White Peacock had no instrument with him and so he had to SING. The more he sang, the hotter it got and the more poisonous the smoke became. White Peacock made the sort of noise that Trouble just loves.

Oh no! The Ice girls will never get here in time. The more I sing the closer Trouble is coming.”



The Dog with the Silver Voice.

Imagine how pleased he was when 2 paws and a little nose poked up over the edge of the Berg and a small mouth opened with the most beautiful song a small could sing. After justa few words and that silvery voice, the water began to cool, the ice froze hard again, the bears began to breathe easily and could almost sit up. Trouble is SO allergic to beautiful music that she had shrivelled and wiggled and slid back into her Cave.

The Ice Girls will be giving those 3 Ice Bears some music lessons as soon as they arrive.

The Ice Girls will also be giving White Peacock an instrument so that he doesn’t invite Trouble in again with that truly terrible voice of his.

And the Ice Girls will be giving the little dog anything that he wants. Well done, Little Dog! You have saved the bears and you have saved the Ice Lands.

The Wandering Minstrel Dog and Marsha May McNeil travel all over Triflora, singing and playing. They say they will stay a little while on the Ice Berg until the Bears are really well again.




Triflora is a place where people keep an eye out for one another.

Many Triflorians whisper these words;

“Try a little tenderness”.

The Fuzzy Bears have decided to teach the Moaners how to dance. The Moaners are the saddest beings in all of Triflora and the Fuzzy Bears are some of the kindest.  On the first night of each new week, they all meet at the Dancing School. The Moaners don’t seem to enjoy the dancing at all but every week, they come along and dance the whole evening through.


Bessy lives in the Kidz Kottages . Her special tenderness is for the Birds. Bessy LOVES Birds. Her best friend is Jenny Wren and they do some wonderful things for birds.

Bessy can talk to all kinds of birds. She doesn’t scare the little  ones and she is not afraid of the big ones. Bessy is tender with all Birds.


It’s much harder to be tender to Ugly Dolls. Cats do not like the Ugly Dolls AT ALL ! catbeingrecordof00repprich_0019The dolls freak them right out. If the Cats had a chance, they used to grab the Ugly Dolls and tear them into pieces. That doesn’t happen so much now.  Linda Lee is taking care of the Ugly Dolls. Linda Lee has trained the Cats to grab any Ugly Doll they find and then skedaddle as fast as they Can to her place – before the Doll can use any of its powers. You see, its not the look of the Dolls which is so Ugly. The ugliness is something inside of them. They are one of the most dangerous things in all of Triflora. Linda Lee treats them with tenderness but she makes sure they cannot escape from her Doll’s House and she doesn’t let in any visitors except for Cats. Linda Lee thinks that if the Ugly Dolls are treated with enough tenderness, they might stop trying to take over the souls and minds of Children.

Nana thinks that Trouble might be sending the Ugly Dolls into the middle of Triflora. Nana had Linda Lee’s Dolls’ House built right beside the Old Witches’ Home. Nana knows that a lot of tenderness, a little bit of catnapping, a very big fence with broken glass along the top and the mad magic of the Old Witches – just might do some good.


One of the happiest places to be in the Village is Poppy’s Place – as you know. Poppy and Saffron help out the dogs and the dogs help them out. Some days they all just sit outside and have afternoon tea.

Lots of talking goes on with the Girls and the Dogs. They understand one another PERFECTLY.

When I am walking through the Village, I stop sometimes to see what I can hear.  Almost always I hear laughter coming from Poppy’s Place and  a soft Woofing of contented dogs. 



“ Oh no! What have we done? The poor men!”

aesopsfables00aesorich_0053Berenice and Boy Brunosky went out in the Woods today. They were in the BEARABLE FOREST. Nowhere near the UNBEARABLE FOREST.

They were just out walking.

Berenice and Boy Brunosky were singing  as they walked along.

Perhaps they are not the sweetest singers of the Bear World but they ARE very sweet Bears.

Anyhows, along they went. Singing  and laughing. They know some good jokes, those two.


Here is one of their favourite jokes :

A little girl with a red riding hood walked up to a house in the Woods and knocked on the door.

3 bears answered the door.

“Does my Grandma live here ? “ she said.

“Yes. “ said the Bears, “ It’s a 2 storey house !!! “

The problem was that the singing and laughing didn’t sound as good to the Forest Men as it did to the Bears.  Ferris and Colin were out wandering around pretending to have real guns when they heard the Two Bears coming.

The ground shook with the laughter of the Bears.

The Trees blocked their branches trying not to hear the Singing which was not a pretty thing to hear – at all.

The little animals scampered off to other places for a while and the birds and flying beings took off for Poppy’s Place for a Cup of Pick me Up Tea.

Ferris and Colin were taken by surprise. They had NEVER heard such a noise before.  Ferris fell face down on the ground and wished his gun was loaded with bullets instead of Sprinkle Water for the Forest.

Colin skedaddled up  a tree and hoped that he was invisible.

Brunosky and his Mum took one good look at Ferris and freaked out. They are the kindest of creatures. They would never harm a single thing. But they had been through this before.

“Whoops!  Whoops! We’ve done it again!”

One thing that Boy Brunosky and Berenice knew was to keep their paws off  the Forest Men. People don’t listen properly to large shaggy Bears trying to apologise. This was a matter for Nana Dolores. Nana Dolores is probably the Daggiest Being in the whole of Triflora. She certainly drinks more Honey Mead than anyone else. aesopsfablesnewv00aeso_0050

In the middle of the Unbearable Forest lives one of the Brightest Beings in Triflora. That’s Mumma Kate. She looks after the Troubled Bears and other Creatures with Problems.

And right there in the middle of the beautiful Bearable Forest – is Nana Dolores. She’s never been seen to wear shoes.  She wears the same clothes every day and every night. She cusses and smokes a pipe of Grumble Weed. But she does take care of the Untroubled Bears and other Creatures. Dolores was enjoying the singing and the laughing. After a Jar of Honey Mead, she enjoyed most things. She sat out front of her place at the bottom of her Tree and settled down to have a good afternoon.

Then she saw Ferris and Colin heading deeper into the Woods.

“ Now, that is going to be funny!”

said Dolores to herself, and chuckled. She picked up a very big jar of Honey Mead and walked into the Forest after the Bears and the Forest Men.

Nothing like Honey Mead to calm things down.

(It hardly seems fair that Irene who is such a lunatic, has a lovely voice but life is like that sometimes.)


OTHER GOOD BOOKS TO READaesopsfablesnew00aeso_0223


What are you doing here and more importantly, can you sing ?


For a while it looked like none of the Bears would be able to make it to the PARTY.

Irene and Jarvis gave all the Bears a very bad name indeed. Irene was meant to sing the song in the Bear’s Parade. Her voice was still sweet as Triflora Honey but she was still unbearable.  In the end, it took all 3 Wizards working together to put a magic ring around Unbearable Forest long enough to keep Irene and Jarvis inside and let the other bears go to the Party.

The Bears still needed a Singer. They tried out some very strange Singers and were beginning to GIVE UP. Noone sang like Irene !

Except …….. if they ALL joined in and simply sang along together …. nothing sounds as good as a big group of friends and family singing together.



TRIFLORA is well known for its bears. They like it down there. There are plenty of trees and forests and a Bear is welcome to build any kind of home it wants to.

Most of the bears in Triflora are charming.

Most of the bears in Triflora are friendly and VERY well educated. They just love learning.

BUT – every now and then, a Triflora bear goes completely NUTS.  It’s a very frightening thing when a Bear goes Nuts. It usually means that they have been eating the Honey of the Red-Bellied Black Bees who have their hives at the entrance to the dark place where trouble is living.

Sometimes they can be helped and then they become almost normal again.



Sometimes they simply have to be put into the Unbearable Forest and allowed to do whatever it is that a bear does when it goes nuts. The Unbearable Forest has an invisible fence around it so that noone can accidentally walk into the Crazy Bears and the Bears cannot get out. The Triflora Bears made the fence invisible so that the Bears who had gone Nuts didn’t even know they were locked in. Things were hard enough for them without their feeling like they were locked up.



Just this week, Irene Bear totally lost the plot. Irene is well known for her beautiful clothes and wonderful singing voice. It seems that her voice was croaky one day and then croaky the next day and she could hardly sing at all.

It really wasn’t a good enough reason to try the Honey of the Red-Bellied Black Bees but that’s what Irene did. She wanted to sing and off she went, right to the edge of Trouble and ate far too much sweet honey.

Well – she’s now running wild down near Trouble. No Bear has even been able to catch her or trick her into the Unbearable Forest. She is not singing AT ALL. Just growling and dribbling blood because she did something no Triflora Bear would ever do. She is killing things and eating them. It NEVER pays to play at the edge of Trouble.

We might need to look for some real help before she does anything else.


When things get as bad as they are for Irene and Jarvis, the time has come to send the Messengers off to get some bigtime help.

Eastward of the Sun and Westward of the Moon – that’s where Kris, the white bear and Luciana live. If there is any way to help Irene and Jarvis, these two will know what it is.

In the meantime – do NOT go walking in the Forests or Bush and make sure you are safe when you go to sleep. Jarvis is safely behind the fence for now but Irene is still wandering around and she is not at all herself.

The only thing left about Irene is her singing voice. She ate so much honey that she is singing sweeter than ever – but don’t get tricked. She will eat you JUST LIKE THAT !